Aloe vera for hair
Aloe vera for hair

Aloe vera for hair

Aloe vera not only has applications for the skin and benefits for your health. It is a plant widely used to care for damaged hair and easy fall. Thanks to its properties, it is a great ally for daily hair care.

What kind of hair is aloe vera good for?

Oily hair is a big annoyance with few solutions. An aloe vera shampoo will help you reduce sebum naturally and without resorting to chemical compounds.

Aloe vera maintains the amount of natural oil in the scalp. In this way it stops the dryness, reducing and combating the appearance of dandruff.

Hair treatments with aloe are well known for their effectiveness in the fall or breakage of hair. It contains an enzyme that promotes hair growth, thanks to which also prevents the fall.

Its great composition of water, along with its innumerable properties will make your hair look full of strength, hydrated and bright. Goodbye to the split ends!

The application can not be easier: You can use it in a hair mask or shampoo.

If you do not have time or a penny of aloe vera to make the mask, we recommend the use of a natural shampoo with aloe vera and olive oil BIO: not only has the properties of aloe, but it provides softness and hydration from the interior, thanks to the properties and nature of organic olive oil.

Aloe vera mask for hair


– Large aloe vera leaf

– Half lemon

– Blender

Extract the juice of aloe vera stalk as we teach in Verdeaurora. Add the juice of half a lemon and beat everything, leaving a thick dough.

Apply the mask after washing your hair and let it act for 20 minutes, then clarify.

With either a mask or aloe shampoo, you will begin to notice the results in a very short time as long as you are consistent in your application. Prepare your hair for the summer!


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