At what age should begin to take care of the skin?
At what age should begin to take care of the skin?

At what age should begin to take care of the skin?

The skin is the bigger organ of the body. It is also constantly exposed to external agents so we have to pamper and take care of it since we are small. The products and care must be adapted to the age and type of skin. However, the routine to follow is the same at 20 as at 50 years.


The cleaning of the skin is essential, since with it we eliminate all the bacteria and dirt that remains on the skin throughout the day. It is important to cleanse the face twice a day: when getting up and when going to bed. To eliminate the remains of makeup and free the skin from contamination and environmental dirt is advisable to use a cleanser that suits your skin type, remember that not all are the same. Depending on the format you have chosen, you will have to work it one way or another, with cotton, water or directly on the face.

We talk about the face, but the same thing happens with the body. Wash the skin that covers the rest of the body daily. Choose products made with natural regenerating and moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera and olive oil.


Hydration is a key step and one of the most important. With it we keep the skin nourished and delay the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. As with cleaning, choose one that suits your skin type: dry, mixed, oily or normal. Opt for those that contain aloe vera and olive oil, since it regenerates skin cells, provides great hydration, has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect and has antibacterial properties, among other benefits. Hydrates the skin twice a day, right after each cleaning.

Something we forget but must do all year long is to apply sunscreen. It does not matter the summer season of the year, the sun is present in all of them and the rays affect our body. Therefore, before leaving home apply sunscreen at least on the face. In this way, we prevent spots from appearing and delaying the aging of the skin.

The hydration of the skin of the rest of the body is very important. All babies are given cream once the bath is over and adults should do the same. Having the skin nourished keeps it elastic and juicy. How many times have we seen those scaly and sad skins? To avoid these effects apply moisturizer every time you leave the shower.

Exfoliation and mask

Save a day of the week to pamper the skin thoroughly. Choose a day to relax and take care of yourself. The exfoliation of the skin, both face and body, is something we have to do one day a week. It is important to do it only once, since doing it daily is very aggressive for the skin and eliminates the necessary cells. You can buy an exfoliating product or do it yourself at home. Baking soda, salt, sugar or ground coffee are some of the bases you can use to exfoliate the skin. Mix some of these products with aloe vera and apply it when you are in the shower on the whole body, face included.

Take advantage of the exfoliation and then apply a mask, you can make it yourself at home.

Do not forget to have a balanced diet free of processed products and drink two liters of water a day. This also helps to have an elastic, luminous and hydrated skin. At Verdeaurora Bio Farm we have natural products made with organic aloe vera and extra virgin olive oil, which will help your skin look perfect. Discover them here!

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