The best gadgets for frequent travelers
The best gadgets for frequent travelers

The best gadgets for frequent travelers

You love travel. You have traveled half the world with your inseparable suitcase, and you know what to take and what not. However, on more than one occasion you miss some articles that would make your trip easier. As we know you very well, we present you 5 very useful gadgets for your future trips.

Soap sheets

The first headache is because of bringing liquids on the plane. What is the measure? How many can we carry? Will I have enough with this little bottle? Doubts are over because there is soap in leaves. Yes, as you read. They are small sheets that start to foam when they touch the water. You can find: gel, shampoo or shaving foam. They are very comfortable and take up very little space.

Solar portable battery

When we are traveling, the mobile phone becomes our best ally. GPS, camera, calls to friends and family to tell you about your adventures, games to pass the dead time and a long etcetera. The battery starts to drop and when we want to realize it is exhausted. The portable batteries are an indispensable in the suitcase but we can’t always load them. The best option is the portable rechargeable battery with solar light, much more useful and also responsible with the environment.

Water purifier

Water is essential in excursions or hiking trails surrounded by nature. However, loading with liters and liters of water is not the most comfortable. To make sure you have water whenever you need it, carry a water purifier on top. They are very small and in just a few seconds you can drink water without any danger.

GPS for suitcase

We checked the suitcase and we are on the plane heading to our destination, but we are restless. Knowing if the suitcase will arrive on the same flight is something that worries everyone. To have a quiet and worry-free trip we recommend the suitcase GPS. Place this device between your clothes and through the Mobile App you can check at all times where your luggage is.

Perfect pillow

Resting during the journey by plane, train or bus is one of the wishes of any tourist, but we never achieve it. We don’t find the posture, we do not have a pillow, our neck hurts, our arms and a long, long etcetera. There are companies that have echoed this serious problem and there are many pillows and cushions that promise a break during the journey. The most famous is the Ostrichpillow. A round cushion with three holes, one of them to introduce the head, by its shape and size allows several postures.

These are some examples of the most novel, original and useful articles that you should include in your next trip. Surely so you do not miss anything and you will enjoy the destination to the fullest. If your trip is organized to visit Fuerteventura, we are waiting for you at Verdeaurora Bio Farm!

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