Ajuy, the hidden coastal town
Ajuy, the hidden coastal town

Ajuy, the hidden coastal town

To the west of Fuerteventura Ajuy is located, belonging to the municipality of Pájara. A small fishing village from where to have a different view of the island and know the past of Fuerteventura. Ajuy Caves are the touristic interest of the area, and where every day visitors to the island of Majorera enjoy one of the best sunsets in Fuerteventura.

70 million years of history

A must see is the geological construction with millions of years old. This protected Natural Monument is considered one of the 150 places of greatest interest to scientists, by the International Geological Union. Ajuy presents the history of Fuerteventura and the volcanic processes that led to the birth of the island of Fuerteventura.

Sediments of the ocean floor, basaltic rocks and fossilized beaches can be seen in the cliffs, mountains and ravines of the western area of ​​Fuerteventura. In Ajuy you can contemplate and highlight the Basal Complex that arose with the birth of the island. From these formations a spectacular sunset can be seen every day.

The Ajuy Caves

Naturally formed, the Cuevas de Ajuy are made up of the oldest rocks in the Canary Islands. They are a tourist attraction and anyone who drops by the coastal town, should go into the caves.

Access must be made when the tide is low. First of all, make sure the sea is calm and the tide is late in climbing and entering the caves.

To access to the Ajuy Caves, inside the Betancuria Rural Park, you must cross the cliff. In them, you will return to the past and contemplate remains of the Cretaceous, igneous ocean sediments and fossils of marine gastropods.

Black sand beach

The beach of Ajuy, also known as Puerto de la Peña, stands out for its 270 meters long of fine black sand and gravel and for having a calm swell. Visitors to Fuerteventura choose the Ajuy beach to enjoy a relaxing day, until the sun goes down. In the last hours of the day, the weak rays turn the black sand into pink, making Ajuy an admirable complex.

Gastronomy majorera

In the village of Ajuy there are several restaurants where you can taste the typical dishes of Fuerteventura’s gastronomy and fresh fish. Old, king fish, grouper, bocinegro or amberjack, are some of the marine species that capture their fishermen and can be savored next to some potatoes with mojo picón.



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