Reduce the consumption of paper and plastic at Christmas
Reduce the consumption of paper and plastic at Christmas

Reduce the consumption of paper and plastic at Christmas

Christmas arrives and with it the excesses. Meals, family reunions and gifts increase on these dates, and also the increase of garbage. At Christmas, more than 5,500 tons of waste are generated in Spain. A number that puts the hair on end and endangers the planet in which we live. One of the purposes that you should consider this year, is to produce less garbage. Go ahead and start reducing the consumption of paper and plastic this Christmas.

Reuse newspaper

Each year the packages of Christmas gifts are more spectacular. A nice paper, ribbons, stickers and labels cover the article that we are going to give away. After a few minutes all these papers and plastics end up in the trash. This year make your gifts more spectacular. Sure, you have old newspapers at home. Take them and wrap what you bought with them. If you want to give a more special touch you can paint or decorate them as you like. Your gifts will make a difference.

Put the furoshiki into practice

The furoshiki consists of wrapping the gifts with a square-shaped cloth. This technique is typical of Japan, and they use it to wrap or transport any object. The good thing about furoshiki is that the cloth or handkerchief can be reused. Opt for fabrics with beautiful and eye-catching prints. In this way, people who receive your gifts, can use them again and get an extra present.

Use cloth napkins

At Christmas lunches and dinners all the family and friends get together and the most convenient and quick way is to use paper napkins. We use them, throw them away and forget them. However, this seemingly harmless act is detrimental to the environment. This Christmas he chooses to use cloth napkins. In addition to helping environmental sustainability, you will save money and are prettier than paper. Do the same with the tablecloth. One cloth will always be better than buying a paper tablecloth.

Free gifts of paper and plastic

In recent years everything is surrounded by paper and plastic. Toys, cosmetics, perfumes and even clothing are not only made with paper and plastic, but packaging is also produced with them. For a sustainable Christmas, look for small business items and help the environment. Surely they avoid the use of unnecessary papers and plastics. You can also make the gifts yourself. Customize each of them, your family will love it.

Send digital Christmas cards

Christmas greetings fill the mailboxes and when the holidays are over they end up in the garbage. To avoid this unnecessary expense, this year send digital cards. They are much more fun and some can be customized with photos of the recipients.


With these simple tips you can have a sustainable Christmas and free of plastics. Remember that the best gift is spending time with family and friends. Share these tips with them, so they can join a sustainable life with the environment.

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