Differences between organic and conventional olive oil
Differences between organic and conventional olive oil

Differences between organic and conventional olive oil

Olive oil has great powers. It is good for the circulatory system, the digestive system, the skin or the bone system, among others. Any olive oil brings these benefits to the body, but will be greater if we consume it in its ecological version.

It is very difficult to differentiate a conventional olive oil from the organic one because of its flavor. However, the way olives ripen and the liquid process pass through different processes in one oil and another.

As in Verdeaurora Bio Farm we want you to be a true expert in the field, we reveal the differences between organic olive oil and conventional olive oil.


Organic olive oil contains more nutrients than conventional olive oil. As it doesn’t contain pesticides, its properties remain intact. Conventional olive oil also contains these nutrients, but there are also remnants of the chemicals that have been used.


Organic olives are very delicate, any alteration that occurs in them causes the final olive oil to lose quality. However, organic oil has a greater resistance to oxidation. This is due to the high polyphenol content of organic olive oil.

Impact on the Environment

By not using chemicals, it benefits nature and the ecosystems that live in those areas. Olive trees also have a healthier life since they are treated with natural products such as animal manure, green manure or compost. The soil in which the trees grow will be a healthy soil, without contaminated water, which will help a better growth that will benefit future plantings.

Production process

The extraction of olive oil is one of the most important steps. Once the olives are picked, with great care in the case of organic farming, they are selected and cleaned. In Verdeaurora this process is carried out in the mill, where the olives are also pressed.

In the ecological model the extraction of the oil is done at a very cold temperature, in our farm, the mixture is subjected to a temperature of -28ºC, which is called first cold pressing. Thanks to this way an organic olive oil of higher quality is obtained.

In the traditional oil industry, the liquid is separated from the solid part by pressure. It depends on each company, but in this case the oil usually leaks several times so the liquid loses properties, nutrients and quality.


Organic products have a higher price than conventional products. This is due to the great work of the farmers and employees, who work collecting with special care the olives that later will give the oil. In addition, they are natural products that take care of our body from the inside.


Not always buy organic olive oil is meaning of quality, since it depends on the olive grove and the conditions in which the olive is worked. In Verdeaurora Bio Farm we assure you a 100% ecological oil of the highest quality. You are invited to taste our different varieties. We are waiting for you!




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