Discover the history behind Jacomar Beach
Discover the history behind Jacomar Beach

Discover the history behind Jacomar Beach

The island of Fuerteventura hides numerous and curious stories. It is difficult to find a beach, cave, mountain or viewpoint without an anecdote behind. Jacomar Beach is one of them and we reveal who gives it its name and the history that this fantastic beach hides.

Jacomar Verneis, from the island of El Hierro, is known in the Canary Islands for being one of the cruelest men who has passed through the archipelago. Together with the Sevillian Guillén de Peraza de las Casas, they staged the most brutal battles that took place on the different islands in the 16th century. In spite of it, Jacomar acquired great importance and gave name to the places that we find with this denomination in some of the eight islands.

In Fuerteventura the name of Jacomar appears for the first time in the protocols of the island of the year 1600. With the death of Luis de Diepa and Felipa Anríquez, their children, Jacomar and Blasina, are under the tutelage of Francisco Negrín, as well as their property and lands. One of the latter with the presence of granadillos was known as Jacomar Diepa.

Jacomar Beach is one of the most special places with more history of the majorera island. Andrés Amat de Tortosa, military engineer, is the first one who in 1779 places it on a map. “Pta de Jacomar 25 leg⁵ of Afᶜᵃ Pta Jurada or Vela Entallada”, is the reference for the location of Punta de Jacomar. A few years later, in 1786, José Trinidad de Herrera made the first map that was printed in the Canary Islands and in it Punta de Jacomar appears.

Jacomar and its history

More than 200 years ago, Jacomar Beach was a refuge for fishermen from Fuerteventura and the area of ​​Antigua, where this magnificent place is located. Jacomar stands out for the huts where the workers lived and kept the fishing equipment and tools in the workstation.

Currently, the descendants of the first fishermen have rehabilitated the huts, turning them into small stone houses with flat reddish roofs.

The Jacomar Beach is located in the Natural Monument of the Knives of Vigán, a lava field with explosive origin. The ravines of Valle de la Cueva and Ensenada de Jacomar protect this small fishing village.

Jacomar that an area that has many attractions to visit. In addition, the ravines, the beach or the huts can also be visited the old Salinas of Jacomar, in which the sailors prepared the fish to preserve it and exchange it for other foods. The hermitage of the Virgin of Carmen guards the place and is a must and more, if it coincides with your boat trip every July.

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