DIY Homemade aloe vera soap
DIY Homemade aloe vera soap

DIY Homemade aloe vera soap

Aloe vera is full of properties that improve the health of your skin, anything better to use in your daily routine! If you have an aloe plant at home take advantage of that opportunity to make homemade aloe vera soap. It’s very easy!


To make this homemade soap you will need:

Pure Aloe vera (aloe vera barbadensis)

Extra virgin olive oil. If it is bio olive oil much better.

– Caustic soda

– Water

– Essential oil to give a specific smell to your soap. Remember that it must be suitable for cutaneous use.

Let’s do it!

  1. Put water to boil for later, in a plastic container, mix it with caustic soda. Stir it well and let it cool for about 50 minutes.

While cutting the aloe and extract the aloe vera juice from the plant. You can check how here!.

  1. Once you have the extracted aloe vera gel, beat it together with the bio virgin olive oil until it has a thick texture. Put it in the microwave.
  2. Finally mix the water with soda with aloe and oil. Stir it well so that the mixture is homogeneous, until it sets.

Add a few drops of essential oil to have the smell you prefer.


Your natural aloe vera soap is ready! If you do not have a plant at home do not worry, in Aloeverio you can find pure aloe vera gel, aloe vera for hair, aloe vera hand cream, and other totally BIO products made with olive oil and aloe vera. Love yourself!


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