Does olive oil expire? Tips to preserve your properties
Does olive oil expire? Tips to preserve your properties

Does olive oil expire? Tips to preserve your properties

The olive oil does not expire. However, as with many other foods, over time their properties and nutrients deteriorate and lose. For this reason, it is advisable to consume olive oil in the period indicated by the label of preferred consumption.

The olive oil should be kept in good condition. Although it has to be consumed before the date indicated on the package, if we do not take care of it as it deserves, it can be spoiled much sooner.

How to preserve olive oil?

Darkness is the best friend of liquid gold. To keep all its qualities intact, it must be stored in a dark and preferably glass container. Also, inside a piece of furniture, away from the sunlight, its properties will last much longer and the taste will not change.

Temperatures are also a factor to consider in the conservation of olive oil. Avoid direct exposure to the sun and high temperatures.

What influences the useful life of olive oil?

The variety of the olive, is another element to consider. An olive that contains more oleic acid and polyphenols, helps the liquid does not oxidize early and its flavor remains intact for longer. The Picual variety is the one that best adapts to the passage of time, since its content in oleic acid and polyphenols is very high. In contrast, the Arbequina variety is more easily oxidized, so its consumption should be close to the date of purchase.

Extra virgin olive oil is always the best option, since in addition to its exceptional flavor and aroma, its durability is also greater. If it is kept in a dark glass bottle and stored inside a cabinet away from high temperatures, its properties will remain intact for a longer time, it will not rust and we will enjoy its authentic flavor.


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