Ecological cleaning: oxygenation machines
Ecological cleaning: oxygenation machines

Ecological cleaning: oxygenation machines

The protection of the environment is one of the main philosophies of Verdeaurora Bio Farm. After much research, we have found the best way to clean our facilities and rural accommodation.

Cleaning with active oxygen

Verdeaurora Bio Farm is a group of companies that make up, where appropriate, Momento Rural, a company dedicated to rural accommodation in Fuerteventura. In Verdeaurora, as in Rural Moment, we use an efficient washing system based on cold water without chemicals, without detergents or softeners.

We have incorporated the cleaning action with active oxygen for dirt on any surface. In addition, this system of ecological cleaning and respectful with the environment ensures the elimination of 99.6% of the germs and bacteria that can be in sheets, tablecloths or towels that you can find in any of the infrastructures of Verdeaurora Bio Farm

How do machines work by oxygenation?

Oxygen machines are responsible, thanks to active oxygen or ozone, to clean any type of tissue that you will find in the tourist accommodations of Rural Moment. This system does not produce harmful effects for human health or for the environment. What becomes the solution to the problems caused by the continued use of chemical products.

Verdeaurora does not use soaps or detergents to disinfect textiles, so the presence of chemicals in the water and in the garments of the farm is avoided. In addition, not having the presence of detergents reduces the use of plastic containers that end up being stored in landfills or end up in the sea.

In addition, the system uses cold water for cleaning textiles. In this way, by not heating the water, the energy used during this process is reduced. Another achievement to promote the sustainability of the environment and reduce costs.

All the clothes you will find at Verdeaurora Bio Farm will be free of germs and bacteria. As we have advanced this system eliminates more than 99% of microbes. They also benefit from other benefits such as eliminating viruses, eliminating odors, maintaining the quality of the garments making them have a longer life, in addition to avoiding allergies caused by the use of chemicals.




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