Ecotourism: Experience Fuerteventura
Ecotourism: Experience Fuerteventura

Ecotourism: Experience Fuerteventura

To live a sustainable life and in harmony with the environment is something that we must do every day but more when we travel outside our city. Practicing ecotourism is simple but very fun. It allows you to discover a new vision of the places you visit and, moreover, the environment will thank you for it. Today we show you what ecotourism is and how to make your next trip an adventure that you’ll want to repeat.

What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism is the kind of trips that are favorable for the environment. The destinations for practicing ecotourism are mainly rural or natural areas. In addition to avoiding damage to nature, ecotourism helps to develop local industries.

Ecotourism aims to counteract the negative effects of mass tourism. Thanks to the practice of ecotourism we will be supporting local businesses and thus boosting employment in rural areas. The most important thing about this type of travel is to keep an open mind and respect the places we pass through. In this way, next generations will find it the same.

How to do ecotourism?

Fuerteventura is one of the destinations where you can practice ecotourism. It could be one of the places of reference. Vegetation and fauna fill the island, and at every step of the way you will find something different and, of course, typical of nature. Fuerteventura takes care of its landscapes to the maximum and the alteration in its environment is very scarce.

The island majorera has an infinite number of activities to develop ecotourism. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we look forward to teaching you everything you need to know about Fuerteventura. In Verdeaurora Bio Farm we have a large expanse of natural land. The crops of Aloe vera, olive trees or fruit trees are organic. The animals that live on the farm walk on the land, sheep, goats, birds or dogs will be pleased to meet you and show you all the corners of Verdeaurora Bio Farm.

Starlight Experience

The finca is located in a unique and very special enclave of Fuerteventura. When the sun goes down, the stars start to show and you will have a spectacular view of the Fuerteventura sky. Don’t forget that it is certificated as a Starlight official Reserve. This means that the night sky of the island has natural lighting conditions and sharpness that allow to glimpse the celestial bodies.

This experience is much more than being in contact with nature. You will learn to differentiate the different types of extra virgin olive oil that we grow and produce on the farm, you will become an expert in Aloe vera. Afterwards, we will gather strength with a tasting of the most typical tapas of the island and finally, the sky of Fuerteventura awaits you to teach you all its secrets.

Bio Farm Experience

Do you want to know first hand the landscapes of Fuerteventura? This is th eplace. We moved to the early years of the island to learn how the mahos worked. You will discover what their cultivation methods were like and how they collected the water so that the mahos could grow. A 100% ecotourism experience. A walk around the farm will take you back to those years, as well as learning how we work at Verdeaurora Bio Farm and what the crops are like today.

After getting to know the olive trees, it is time to taste the liquid coming from the olives we harvest each season. A tasting of extra virgin olive oil in which you will learn to distinguish and taste the purest and most natural flavours. Aloe vera is one of the great stars of Fuerteventura. You can’t leave the island without knowing all its secrets. Your friends will be looking forward to trying Aloe vera.

Finally, after an intense day of knowledge, it’s time to fill your stomach. A tasting of the local and typical tapas of the majorera gastronomy. Goat cheese and potatoes with mojo are a must at any Canarian table.

Protected ecotourism in Fuerteventura

Many environmental organizations support ecotourism on the island majorera and develop activities to improve and maintain environmental sustainability.

  • ECOjóvenes de Fuerteventura: developed by AVANFUER, consists of raising the awareness of the majorera population in order to raise awareness of the values of nature in the Canary Islands, raise awareness about the use of the island’s natural resources and promote respect for nature and people.
  • AVANFUER: it is an association of volunteers that fights to defend the natural land of Fuerteventura and the conservation of natural resources, as well as the landscapes and enclaves where the fauna and flora of the island live and are sheltered.


This year choose ecotourism. You won’t regret it. Discover a different way to discover new places in your city or in a different country. Nature hides beautiful places you haven’t seen yet. Ecotourism is a new way to continue traveling but in a more responsible way with the environment, but also with oneself.


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