Enjoy a weekend in Fuerteventura
Enjoy a weekend in Fuerteventura

Enjoy a weekend in Fuerteventura

Routine is back in our lives and you’re sure to be thinking about the next getaway. For many of us, a weekend is enough to escape from the day to day and there is no better destination to disconnect from routine and work than to go to Fuerteventura.

Today we tell you what to do on the island majorera for two days so you can make the most of your time!

Day 1

We start the weekend visiting the northern area of Fuerteventura. Corralejo is the first stop. We will enjoy its famous dunes and beaches. In the afternoon, we will move to the area of El Cotillo. We will visit the small fishing village, enjoy its crystal clear water beaches and say goodbye to the day at the Tostón Lighthouse.


The village of Corralejo is one of the most touristic in Fuerteventura. It offers a large number of restaurants and leisure activities. Corralejo has long beaches and famous dunes, a must for anyone who comes to Fuerteventura. Disconnect from the routine and walk along the great beaches of Corralejo. A safe place for the little ones, as it has surveillance. In addition, they can have a great time looking for shells and other marine inhabitants.

The Cotillo

This small coastal village is one of the most beautiful in Fuerteventura. The whitewashed houses in which the fishermen lived and kept their fishing tools still live. Among its beaches are the Playa de los Laguitos or Playa de los Charcos, small coves where the wind does not blow with force, so the waves are almost non-existent. Natural pools are created where small of the house can enjoy without any danger.

The most spectacular sunset you will ever see is experienced from the Tostón Lighthouse. The blue, orange and yellow of the sky mix creating an unforgettable sunset. Currently, the lighthouse houses the Museum of Traditional Fishing.

Day 2

After breakfast we start the trip to the south of Fuerteventura. The Jandia Peninsula is the chosen place. Cofete, Costa Calma or Morro Jable, a little higher up, are the most visited beaches in the southern part of the island.

Cofete Beach

Cofete is one of the most beautiful and wild beaches of Fuerteventura. The arrival is complicated because the asphalt does not reach the beach. A dirt road will leave you near Cofete. When you arrive at the beach, you will discover a spectacular spot that you probably haven’t seen before. Bathing is not recommended because the waves and currents are very strong. However, Cofete is ideal for walking or sitting on the shore and disconnect from the routine and hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Morro Jable Beach

The sailor village of Morro Jable has become the preferred site of Germans. At Morro Jable Beach, surrounded by leisure activities, waves of tourists come every day. However, its miles of sand do not allow overcrowding. The Saladar de Jandía stands out, of Scientific Interest in which a variety of Canarian vegetation is conserved, at the moment in danger. Lying in the sun is not the only entertainment as the beach services include surfing or kayaking.

Costa Calma Beach

Almost two kilometres of white sand and turquoise water bathe part of the south-eastern part of Fuerteventura. It is perhaps Fuerteventura’s most touristy beach and perfect for families. The wind blows but not with much force when being sheltered by the accommodations of the zone. The practice of surfing and windsurfing is very demanded in the Beach of Costa Calma.

More than beaches

And as Fuerteventura is not only beach, beach and beach, you can take advantage of the weekend with an experience focused on Aloe vera. Verdeaurora Bio Farm offers a workshop in which you can learn all the uses of aloe vera, you will make your own pure Aloe vera gel so you can test the natural properties of Aloe for yourself. In addition, you will be able to visit a field of crops of 30 hectares of Aloe and olive trees where you will get to know the traditional agriculture of the island of Fuerteventura, the main activity of the mahos.

Where do I stay?

The perfect accommodation to enjoy a weekend in Fuerteventura you will find in the center of the island. In this way, you can visit the north and south without having to spend hours and hours in the car. Casa Aurora, Casa Tarabilla or Casa Pilar are ideal to make your trip to Fuerteventura unforgettable.

These accommodations are located on the Verdeaurora Bio Farm estate where in addition to feeling like an authentic majorero, you will rest and not notice that you are away from home and at night you will witness the Starlight Reserve. A blanket of stars covers the sky of Fuerteventura every night.

Everything you need is at your fingertips and in just a few minutes you’ll be on the sand of Fuerteventura’s best beaches. Still haven’t made up your mind? We are waiting for you.


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