Fuerteventura: fall in love with the perfect beaches
Fuerteventura: fall in love with the perfect beaches

Fuerteventura: fall in love with the perfect beaches

Fuerteventura is the ideal destination to enjoy at any time of the year. The sun is the faithful companion of the island almost 365 days a year. The warm temperature, even in winter, allows you to enjoy its long beaches of fine white sand and its crystal clear waters. It is hard not to fall in love with Fuerteventura on the first visit. There are those who can not forget it, and every year they visit it as if it were a ritual. Meet the beaches of the island that will make you fall in love and return to it again and again.

Great Beaches of Corralejo

On more than one occasion we have already talked about this huge beach 9km long that is part of the Natural Park of Corralejo. And this place does not leave anyone indifferent. The large white sand dunes shelter bathers. Several coves occur in the Great Beaches of Corralejo, for all tastes. From coves to practice nudism to reserved for families, or to spend a day at the beach with a couple or friends.

Those who love water sports, such as kite surfing or windsurfing, will also find in Corralejo their place to be carried away by the air that blows in the Atlantic.

La Concha beach

In El Cotillo, families will find a group of coves where the youngest of the house can enjoy a day on the beach away from the big, strong waves. La Concha stands out for its calm waters and the low tide reigns throughout the year. The elders can discover the secrets of the seabed practicing diving.

Once the day of beach, one of the best and most beautiful sunsets of Fuerteventura, waiting for you to fall in love with the Canary Island.

Costa Calma

The tourists of Fuerteventura congregate on the beach of Costa Calma. However, that does not mean that there is not a pin, in Costa Calma there is place for everyone. 2 kilometers of white sand in which bathers can not leave without tasting its crystal clear waters.

Further south, and connected to Costa Calma, we find Sotavento Beach. Same characteristics as your partner, but with the luck of being away from the hustle and bustle of the island, so tranquility reigns over all things in this part of Fuerteventura.

Cofete Beach

A gift for those who visit it. Far from all is the Cofete Beach, a wild place where the strong wind blows offering an enraged swell. Access to the beach is not easy but, once on the shore, the effort is worth it. The mountain massif of Jandía guards the place, in which disconnecting from the world by taking a walk is a must.

Where to sleep

After a hard day at the beach, touch your legs and rest. One of the best options to take energy for the rest of the days are rural apartments. Many of them on the beach, where you can have breakfast with unbeatable views, while the Atlantic wind wakes you up to start a new day and discover new corners of Fuerteventura to fall in love with.

The rental of a rural apartment allows you to enjoy every minute without haste or ties. You make the rhythm.

Activities to perform

Fuerteventura is much more than beaches. You can not leave the island without walking through the streets of its inland villages, such as Betancuria, visit its artisan markets where you will find some jewels or practicing agrotourism.

In the island of Majorera the natural reigns, and everything you find in your pass is the work of nature and the passage of time. At Verdeaurora Bio Farm, you can experience something different. Let yourself be carried away by the olive trees, aloe vera plantations and Fuerteventura’s past. Learn how to grow aloe vera, one of the star plants of the island. Know a new way of life where organic products and the natural is the engine that will make you live an experience that will make you love Fuerteventura and return again and again.




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