Fuerteventura’s most surprisingly wild beaches
Fuerteventura’s most surprisingly wild beaches

Fuerteventura’s most surprisingly wild beaches

Fuerteventura is a natural place full of surprises. The Majorera Island is famous for its beaches and everyone who comes to visit the island falls in love with its landscapes.

But Fuerteventura also hides a wild side you can’t miss. Today we show you the wildest beaches of the Canary Island, but be careful because you will only be able to stop to disconnect. Bathing is not possible because of their large waves.

La Pared Beach

The southwest of Fuerteventura is the first stop on this trip. In the town of La Pared (Jandía Peninsula) we find a small beach of dark sand, which receives the same name as the town that shelters it, Playa de la Pared. A succession of cliffs welcomes you to one of the wildest beaches on the island. The big waves and the presence of large rocks do not allow swimming. If you come to Fuerteventura, you must visit its cliffs: contemplating the sunset over the horizon will make you live an unforgettable moment.

Ojos Beach

Right at Punta de Jandía we find Ojos Beach. An idyllic hidden and lonely place due to its difficult access. A huge rock divides Ojos Beach in two and a series of low cliffs protect the white sand beach. Ojos Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura. Like all the beaches you’ll see today, it’s not suitable for bathing either, but it’s ideal for relaxing while listening to the music of the sea.

Cofete Beach

Despite being one of the most known beaches on Fuerteventura, Playa de Cofete is one of the wildest on the island. Also located on the Jandía Peninsula, Playa de Cofete has 12 kilometres of totally virgin coastline. The currents are very strong so bathing is also completely forbidden. Don’t trust the days when it seems that the waves are calm, because the sea ​​current are still very strong.

Cofete is perfect for long walks that’ll make you forget the haste and routine of the day to day.

Garcey Beach

500 meters of a mixture of white and black sand that reflects the sun at sunset form Garcey Beach. This beach was one of the most popular on the island when it housed the remains of the American Star, a shipwrecked 25 years ago.
Today, visits have been reduced, as there are few remains of the boat. If you want to visit the wildest nature of Fuerteventura in a quiet environment to disconnect, you must go to Garcey Beach.

Aljibe de la Cueva Beach

To the north of the island, in the village of El Cotillo, we find a beach with turquoise water and golden sand. The waves whip with great force so that bathing is forbidden. However, many surfers drop by Playa Aljibe de la Cueva, also known as Piedra Playa, to practice thanks to the large waves.
If sports are not your thing, you can walk along the shore for over a kilometer and a half long.

La Aguila Beach

Also, in the fishing village of El Cotillo, the island offers a wild beach surrounded by large cliffs.
In the Playa de la Aguila you must take extreme precautions, because when the tide is high the water eats all the sand, so if the visits and the tide is beginning to rise… You better go see it from the top of the cliffs. The view is spectacular! You’ll really enjoy the views and the tranquillity of looking at the horizon as the waves break against the rocks.


When you visit these beaches, remember bathing isn’t recommended due to its large waves. Fell the freedom of nature in La Pared, Ojos, Cofete, Garcey, Aljibe de la Cueva and Aguila.
Rest your mind and reconnect with yourself while you admire the swaying of the waves or stroll to their fine sandy shores.





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