Geotourism in Fuerteventura. Listen to the stones …
Geotourism in Fuerteventura. Listen to the stones …

Geotourism in Fuerteventura. Listen to the stones …

Fuerteventura, the oldest island of the Canary archipelago with about 23 million years old, keeps in the memory of its rocks a long and rich geological history sparsely told.

Seductive landscapes where extensive dunes are combined with volcanoes, fields of lava, massifs, long loins in the shape of knives, immense sandy beaches or rocky coasts, large valleys or arid and large plains, they tell us about the long geological journey of the island, where erosion has left a deep impression.

Verdeaurora Bio Farm is located in one of the most interesting places on the island to enjoy its geological landscape. A privileged place, in a unique island. Fuerteventura is one of the few oceanic islands in the world where its complete geological evolution is visible to all. And for that immense patrimony, for the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) the island has the privilege of being considered as one of the 150 places of geological interest worldwide.

To discover the island geologically, there are 5 routes that show important differences in its geological landscape and geomorphology:

• In the NORTH there is a volcanic landscape with few slopes, where the most recent eruptions are located.
• In the CENTRAL VALLEY there is a large interior plain dotted only by some volcanic cones.
• In the VALLEYS and ORIENTAL KNIVES all along the east side of the island where numerous valleys appear with extensive flat bottoms and flanked by sharp loins in the shape of knives.
• In the MACIZO DE BETANCURIA west of the island, with steeper orography.
• In the PENÍNSULA DE JANDÍA in the south of the island, where the massif that runs through it has two very different slopes, one very steep and the other formed by a large network of narrow and short ravines.

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