Get to know the Slow philosophy of Fuerteventura
Get to know the Slow philosophy of Fuerteventura

Get to know the Slow philosophy of Fuerteventura

The Slow philosophy is a cultural and social movement that invites people to give priority to taking control of time rather than being carried away by problems and haste. It is about finding the perfect balance between responsibilities and life itself, simply by taking advantage of available resources for productive purposes.

Bearing in mind this concept, although the term can be associated with slowness, Slow philosophy aims to create awareness of how we invest time to take advantage of it in things that are really important for ourselves.

How did the Slow movement come about?

Carlos Petrini, an Italian journalist, started the movement in 1986 by positioning himself against the opening of a McDonald’s in one of Rome’s main squares. Why? The protest was against the resounding lifestyle of the Americans. Faced with an increasingly accelerated society, Petrini believed that resignation would lead to the acceleration of natural processes. Encouraging fast food, hurrying, going against the clock or working by inertia are aspects that really worried the journalist and he wanted to put a brake on it even without knowing how people would react. It was a great success.

Today, the term has spread all over the world and more and more people are talking about any aspect of the movement: Slow Food, Slow Cities, Slow Tourism, Slow Life or Slow Fashion are just some of the most talked about concepts on the net.

What is the key to the Slow movement?

Enjoying the moment, living every moment to the fullest or managing time without falling into the desperate CAOS are essential aspects for being carried away by the Slow philosophy. Burdens were never good advisors, much less haste, so living in the present is essential for taking care of your physical and mental health.

If you travel to Fuerteventura, you will notice that the atmosphere is the purest Slow style. We love this way of life and we carry it in our roots. That’s why we want that every time you come to visit us, you are the one who is infected with the philosophy that surrounds the island of Majorera.

Slow philosophy: A way of seeing life

We know that, in big cities, such a movement can seem incompatible with the fateful daily work routine. But it’s worth a tryAt Verdeaurora Bio Farm, we don’t see a better way of working and living day to day. In Fuerteventura we value effort or commitment as well as our free time. We are a team of young people in love with the island, its customs and traditions of our beloved Fuerteventura.

We understand that the care of the crops that make up the estate of Aloe vera and olive trees, as well as the success and progress of this family business is thanks to what encompasses the Slow philosophy. Understanding life as a natural process that must be taken care of and work as something vocational is essential to develop the Slow philosophy.

If we talk about Fuerteventura, history goes further. We want you to come back, but our main objective is to make you feel part of our island and this beautiful way of seeing life.

On the island there are kilometric paths that will lead you to fascinating landscapes. How can you not be guided? We encourage you to leave your worries to one side and try to enjoy the way.If you come to the island you will discover it right away, especially if you stay in our major rural houses. They have a charm you won’t see anywhere.


Let yourself be enveloped by the Slow philosophy and enjoy the experiences offered by the island of Fuerteventura as a true expert.



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