Happy World Day Against Climate Change
Happy World Day Against Climate Change

Happy World Day Against Climate Change


Climate change is a natural process of the planet that cannot be stopped. However, in recent years, human actions are making this process faster and faster. Pollution from industries, mass production or excessive consumption and bad actions by people are causing our planet’s resources to be depleted ahead of schedule.

Fuerteventura is a natural island, almost virgin and we do not want it to disappear. For this reason, numerous organisations on the island are taking action to slow down climate change and keep Fuerteventura as alive as possible. You can also join these actions, or you can carry out practices that the planet and the environment will thank you for.

Verdeaurora Bio Farm against climate change

In Verdeaurora Bio Farm we love Fuerteventura. It is our home and we strive every day to preserve our best island. Therefore, we carry out sustainable actions with the environment in our day to day to damage as little as possible the fauna and vegetation that surrounds us.

The water that irrigates our agro-ecological crops of Aloe vera and olive trees, is used again and again after being purified and treated to eliminate microorganisms, heavy metals and organic compounds that can alter the soil and crops. In this way, the fruits and raw materials are extracted in an ecological and natural way in the estate of Verdeaurora to elaborate the organic products of Aloeverio.

The roofs of our facilities are made of palm leaves. We reduce the environmental impact this way because of the resistant and durable natural materials.

The textiles that you can find both on the farm and in the rural houses of Momento Rural, are cleaned with machines by oxygenation. We do not use soaps or chemical compounds that damage the environment and human health. Active oxygen kills germs and bacteria without contributing to the acceleration of climate change.

Limpiaventura, garbage-free beaches

The fact that the beaches of Fuerteventura are free of plastics and rubbish is largely the work of Limpiaventura. This organization carries out the cleaning of the coasts of the island, as well as workshops for children, teenagers and adults, to learn how to take care of nature and raise awareness about the importance of the environment. More and more majoreros are joining these activities. More and more people are supporting the cause and collaborating altruistically in the cleaning of the majorera island for an island free of plastics. In addition, they also organize cleaning events on weekends, sometimes underwater cleaning with professionals and take the opportunity to celebrate the day with a special meal for all attendees.

Avanfuer, nature comes first

A group of volunteers concerned about the nature of Fuerteventura, decided to join in 2005 to protect the most valuable of the island, its animals and vegetation. Avanfuer‘s activity is based on promoting the care of the coasts, the sustainable use of natural resources as a source of energy, conserving Fuerteventura’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage, considered a Biosphere Reserve, raising awareness and teaching both locals and tourists to enjoy nature as it is, without altering it.

Cruz Roja objectives against climate change

The Fuerteventura Cruz Roja also takes action to curb climate change. They educate the population so that they do not leave an imprint on the environment, they improve the quality of life of citizens by protecting the environment in which they live and the nature that surrounds them. The activities carried out by the Cruz Roja reduce the environmental impact. In addition, from Cruz Roja Fuerteventura, they try to make people aware of the importance of taking care of the planet and motivating people to stop climate change.

The Earth is our home and therefore we must treat it with love and care. Climate change is getting faster and faster and there are areas where you are starting to see it. Temperatures are getting higher every year and animal species suffer these consequences.



Start today to reduce your footprint on the environment: With a few small changes you can make a big difference. Join organizations in your city to clean up beaches, parks or raise awareness of those around you to fight for sustainability and make climate change stop.




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