How to protect yourself from the cold
How to protect yourself from the cold

How to protect yourself from the cold

Winter has come another year without warning. The human body is very wise and knows how to act in the cold. However, to overcome another winter season as healthy as possible and away from diseases, we give you some tips that will make the winter more bearable.

Take care of the skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and needs special care. In winter it is exposed to very low temperatures that can dry it and crack it. To keep it in good condition hydrate it daily. The creams that contain aloe vera and olive oil are a good option, since the hydration is greater. In addition, once a week exfoliates the dermis of the entire body.

The face is the part of the body that is most exposed throughout the year. Apply twice a day, morning and night, moisturizer. Once a week, exfoliate the face and make a homemade mask. Also, before leaving home remember to apply sunscreen.

Take care of the food

Food must be taken care of throughout the year but in winter you have to pay more attention. Choose organic products and high in vitamins to keep viruses and bacteria away. Pay special attention to foods with vitamin C (broccoli, kiwi, red pepper or parsley), vitamin B (meat, fish or dairy) and iron (blue fish, red meat or legumes).

Increase hygiene

The preferred season for colds is winter. Viruses and bacteria roam freely through the streets, so you have to be extremely hygienic during these months. Wash your hands regularly, cover your mouth with your arm when coughing and sneezing and avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes, as viruses spread faster.

Do sport

In winter we are more lazy to leave home, but playing sports will help you stay active. You can run on the street or go to the gym to sweat the shirt. In addition, physical exercise helps the body to warm up and increases defenses.

If you decide to go out to the street to run, do not forget to wrap up. Even if you are going to increase body temperature, use panties, gloves and thermal clothing. Choose activities appropriate to the winter season and heat properly to avoid injury.

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With these tips you will face the cold in the best possible way and this year, winter will not be so hard for you.

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