How to reduce your impact on the environment
How to reduce your impact on the environment

How to reduce your impact on the environment

The environment is in danger. The activities we carry out daily contribute to pollution and climate change, which is becoming more and more evident. The Earth is the place where we live and just as we clean and keep our house in order, we have to take care of the planet. To start a sustainable life and in harmony with the environment, put these simple tips into practice.

Move in public transport or bicycle

Forget about the car or motorbike and use public transport. The millions of vehicles that circulate every day through the streets of all cities expel CO2, one of the main greenhouse gases that contribute to global pollution. If you are going to go alone in your car, choose to use public transport, as this will reduce CO2 emissions.

Another option is to use the bicycle, in recent months many municipalities are implementing bicycles for public use. Besides not polluting anything, improve your health since you exercise every stroke. A simple, cheap and sustainable 2×1 with the environment.

Consume organic products

Pesticides that are used in agriculture to conserve food and prevent insect pests, harm the environment. These chemicals not only remain in food, but reach the highest levels of the Earth contributing to climate change.

Take advantage of and incorporate organic and kilometer 0 products into your diet, that is, local farmers. Many cities and towns have weekly markets to which day laborers from the countryside come to sell their products. Reserve that day of the week to fill the pantry with all-natural fruits and vegetables.

Reduce the use of plastic

Learn to say no to plastic products. Always carry a cloth bag with you and reject the plastic bags that are offered to you in the stores, whether in the supermarket or clothing stores. In addition, when you have to buy new products choose your version in glass jar or nude version, that is, products without packaging, in the case of fruits or vegetables.

Plastic bottles are other items that you can avoid. Take a bottle of glass or stainless steel that you can fill, in addition to helping the environment, help your pocket, since avoid buying plastic bottles almost daily will save you a few euros.


Recycling is one of the main measures to curb climate change. Throw each container and product to its corresponding cube. What takes a couple of minutes, helps the environment and slows climate change.

Make use of the 3 Erres rule: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. If you consume less, recycling and the impact on the environment will be less. Also, look for new uses for those boats or items whose life is a few seconds.

Use energy responsibly

We use water and light every day and even though it does not seem so, they also affect the environment. Make an efficient and responsible use of them. Water is a limited matter, so do not waste it. Cut the tap when you soap or you’re brushing your teeth, to avoid wasting it.

Change the use of traditional electricity by renewable energy. If possible, install solar panels on the roof of your home to make use of the energy generated by the sun’s rays naturally. However, to start off, turn off all electronic devices that you do not use. The pilot stand by the television and other appliances consume energy, as well as the chargers connected to the plugs although these are not being used.

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