Instagram Spots in Fuerteventura
Instagram Spots in Fuerteventura

Instagram Spots in Fuerteventura

Instagram has revolutionized the way to connect with the world regardless of culture or where you are. If you stop to think for a few seconds about what the “modus operandi” is when you are planning a trip, surely a few months before you are already navigating Instagram in search of new cool corners to photograph, advice, recommendations and, ultimately, know how to make the most of the trip.

Fuerteventura is an island that invites you to enjoy every moment as if it were your last. The island of Fuerteventura hides culture, traditions and history that are worth knowing. That’s why today we tell you where to find magical places to photograph on the island so that you will always remember the trip as an adventure and a unique experience.


What are Instagram Spots?

Surely all your Instagram followers will be delighted if you share with them every corner of the island of Fuerteventura, the places you visit and some recommendations as well.

Instagram´s Spots are a new visual way of communicating the experiences of each trip through inspiring images. Today we focus in Fuerteventura, the island that catches us every day in  Verdeaurora Bio Farm, to know where and how to share each unforgettable place with its followers.


Tips to make the best Instagram Spots in Fuerteventura

If you are in Fuerteventura or want to visit the island, this are the places you cannot miss. Also, this list shows you perfect spots to take the best pictures for your Instagram account.


1. Mirador de las Peñitas


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The Mirador de las Peñitas is one of the strategic points where to take the best images in Fuerteventura. The viewpoint offers numerous possibilities to take fantastic photos. To discover this amazing place, it is best to go by car.

Remember that in winter it gets dark earlier and in winter we can practically enjoy from the time we get up until we go to sleep. This point is important to calibrate the natural light that allows us to take spectacular photos.


2. Barranco de las Peñitas

This incredible photo is taken in El Barranco de las Peñitas, near Betancuria. To achieve this, you must follow in the footsteps of the Majorera tradition, and follow the pilgrimage path to the chapel Ermita de las Peñitas. This spectacular place is located along the reservoir. We recommend that you wear good shoes.

Sometimes images as impressive as this are achieved by looking at them from a different perspective. Remember to take into account the concept of perspective and the different planes to create an impression of immensity.


3. Verdeaurora Bio Farm

Verdeaurora Bio Farm is an environment with more than 30 hectares of organic cultivation of Aloe vera and olive trees in Tenicosquey (Antigua). It is located between two Zones of Special Protection for Birds (ZEPA), Pozo Negro and Cuchilletes de Antigua and declared by the Government of the Canary Islands as Protected Landscape of Malpaís Grande and Natural Monument of Cuchilletes de Vigán.

To live a different experience is a perfect place. There, the Verdeaurora team will make you feel like one more of the family and will show you the culture and gastronomy of the island.

In Fuerteventura, the sun plays a crucial role and allows a contrast of colours. If you also consider different visual fields and capture the scene in motion, you will have all you need get the perfect picture.


4. Concha Beach

Concha Beach, located in El Cotillo, has been awarded with the Blue Flag. It’s the favorite beach of many swimmers for its fine white sand, the tranquility of its crystal clear waters and a natural reef full of fish. Without doubt, the best beach to go with the family. If you come to the Cotillo we recommend you to book well in advance the accommodation sailor overlooking the coast.

Take control of the angle of light and how it influences the scene. As you can see in the picture, small details count.


5. Kilometre-long roads


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“Reaching for the sky might not be easy. But in the end it’s worth it.” ☀️ TELL ME: welchen Traum möchtet ihr euch irgendwann erfüllen? Bei mir ist es Vollzeit zu Reisen. ✈️ #benditliketezza Ich hatte diese Fotoidee schon länger, aber nie die richtige Umgebung dafür. 📸 In Fuerteventura war es dann endlich soweit. Auch wenn ich mit dem Ergebnis nicht 100%ig zufrieden bin, gefällt mir das Bild echt gut und ich wollte es mit euch teilen. 😘 Was sagt ihr dazu? 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . . #fuerteventura #visitspain #shetravels #reiseblog #reiseblogger #travelblogger_de #travelwithme #lifequotes #lebensweisheiten #lowbudget #lowcosttravel #femmetravel #travelgirls #photoideas #lifestory #fuerteventuraexperience #reisetipps #wetraveltimezones #reiseblogger_de

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Fuerteventura’s kilometre-long roads are famous for their beautiful landscapes. It is easy to find them. Many people are impressed because there seems to be no end to the road.

Be creative and share the sensations that you’re feeling at the moment. Feel how there is no better moment than the present. Spread the Slow philosophy and immortalise it.


6. Hierro Beach

Hierro Beach,  located north of Fuerteventura between El Cotillo and Majanicho, is one of the best known in the world. This beach has several types of sand, one of fine sand and another that, as shown in the picture, seems to be popcorn!

Take advantage of the magic of movement and the combination of different textures and shapes. A cloudy day can be a great ally to capture details such as those shown in this image.


Fuerteventura, an island that falls in love

In conclusion, look for those special places where you can connect with nature. Each of the Canary Islands has its own identity, flora and fauna. If you come to Fuerteventura you will see wild beaches perfect for photography, sands you have never imagined, turquoise and crystalline waters, dune deserts, mountain landscapes with colours determined by thousands of years of erosion in reddish brown tones or its kilometres of roads.

Fuerteventura possesses a natural charm that falls in love with everyone who comes to visit and it is not uncommon that many decide to stay. Want to know more about the island of Fuerteventura? Remember that this blog has all the information you need to organize your trip to Fuerteventura no matter how short your stay.




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