Majorera gastronomy: typical dishes of Fuerteventura
Majorera gastronomy: typical dishes of Fuerteventura

Majorera gastronomy: typical dishes of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a paradisiacal island with spectacular beaches, lovely landscapes and an ideal temperature, but also has some typical dishes that are … to suck your fingers!

The majorera gastronomy, named for the term ‘majo’ that comes from the primitive inhabitants of Fuerteventura, stands out mainly for dishes made with local products that are obtained from agriculture and livestock. On the island you can savor some unique, traditional and especially healthy recipes, since meals do not usually contain fatty ingredients.

The Canary Islands are usually associated with typical products such as mojo and goat cheese, both you can try on our farm. But there are many other typical dishes that you do not know and that are delicious. Take note!

Puchero with goat meat

This typical dish refers to a vegetable stew with broth and goat meat. In Fuerteventura it is tradition to do it and eat it with the family in patronal celebrations.

The pot can be divided into a first course made with chickpeas, noodles and goat meat or castrated male that frays with your hands so you do not miss the taste of the meat. It is mainly a dish of broth.

The second dish is the puchero in its essence, composed of water, salt, oil, chickpeas, goat meat, carrots, peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, paprika, saffron and mint.

And as if that were not enough, between one and the other, it is usual to knead gofio with the broth of the first course. A delicacy that you must try if you come to Fuerteventura.


If you like fish, you have to try this delicacy. It is a typical Majorera recipe made with salted fish, potatoes, sweet potatoes mojo picón and gofio. All the typical products in one dish!

To prepare this recipe, on the one hand the fish is cooked with water, onion and a sprig of parsley and on the other hand the potatoes and sweet potatoes are put in water and salt and they are left to cook (a tad raw and without seasoning).

To make gofio you need water, salt and oil. Mix all the ingredients and knead it avoiding that there are lumps of dry gofio until it is hard and can be cut.

How is it served?

Very simple, on the one hand the potatoes and the sweet potatoes are served and on the other the fish without broth. As a centerpiece, the sliced ​​gofio is placed in slices and the mojo is served in a gravy boat and enjoy!

Delicious desserts majoreros

Who does not drink a sweet after eating a stew or a stew?

The gofio is one of them, it can be made as a salty dish as we have already seen, or as a sweet dessert, kneading it with oil and sugar.

La fachenda is another of the typical desserts of Fuerteventura made with eggs, milk, almonds and sugar. And very similar to custard, there is Machanga milk.

In addition, like salty dishes, desserts can also be accompanied with goat cheese such as gofio pellets mashed with banana and cheese pieces or with dried figs.

Give the privilege to your palate to savor these exquisite dishes, Fuerteventura awaits you! 🙂

There are many more typical dishes! If you have tried any other, tell us about the experience of tasting the gastronomy of Majorera! 🙂



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