Virgin natural pools in Fuerteventura
Virgin natural pools in Fuerteventura

Virgin natural pools in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is synonymous of  beach. There is an ideal beach for every type of person and for any mood. However, nature has made possible for the island to have natural pools. These formations are perfect for those days when the sea is more turbulent. At Verdeaurora Bio Farm we love them and that’s why we tell you about the natural pools of Fuerteventura that you can’t miss.

Aguas Verdes

(Green Waters)

In the municipality of Betancuria we find Aguas Verdes. The water of Playa del Valle are especially strong and wild. It’s a beach that enters in the rock formations and allows to enjoy a safe bath. The calm of the pools contrasts with the brave sea that is only a few meters away.

Lakes of El Cotillo

Perhaps the best known on the island. The lakes of El Cotillo stand out of the beaches of this small fishing village. The water that enters into the volcanic rock formations creates turquoise water lakes that have nothing to envy the Caribbean. These natural pools are ideal to spend a day at the beach with your family, as both the little ones and the adults will have a great time.

Laguna de Playa Barca

If you visit the southern area, in the municipality of Pájara, there is another of our favorite natural pools: Laguna de Playa Barca. In Playa de Jandía there is a huge natural pool separated from the sea by a tongue of white sand. The contrast of the sand and the turquoise water will leave you astounded and surely becomes one of your favorite places.

Puertito de Lobos

In the harbor of the wonderful Island of Lobos a natural pool is formed, which makes the islet even more beautiful. The crystal clear waters contrast with the black of the volcanic rocks that form the island. In this area the bath should be with caution since the pleasure boats that are going to visit Isla de Lobos dock at the port. Reserve a day for this excursion because you will not regret it.

Incorporate the visit to the natural pools of Fuerteventura in your plans, because they will make your trip  unique and full of differents experiences.

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