Recycled plastic and bird feeder
Recycled plastic and bird feeder

Recycled plastic and bird feeder

The cold has arrived and we are not the only ones to have a bad time fighting it. Many birds suffer these temperature drops and many times it is impossible to have access to food. Global warming and the impact of the human being on the environment cause many problems that end up being paid in large part for our biodiversity.

We recently told you how you could reduce your impact on the environment. Today also, we bring you a great idea to recycle your plastic bottles while you help your biodiversity: Creating hanging feeders for birds!

They are very easy and it is ideal to do it with children while they learn to take care of nature and to recycle. In addition, you can practice birdwatching from your home. Do you still need more reasons?

What do you need?

A plastic bottle of 2 or 1.5 liters.

A couple of wooden spoons.

A rope to hang the bottle

How is it done?

Making the bird feeder is very simple and will not take more than 15 minutes.

The idea is to cross the bottle with the spoons, so that when throwing the bird food it comes out on the spoon by its own weight.

To do this, make holes. Make a circular or a small slot so that the handle comes out. In the other, make one with the shape of a moon so that the concave part of the spoon comes out. Make several incisions, ideally at least two spoons in different directions.

Remember that the spoons should be horizontal and parallel with the ground. Better at the end of the bottle, so that the bird food is used more.

Finally pierce the neck or plug to pass the rope and hang it from a tree.

There are many other options and very original to create other types of recycling feeders. For example using bricks to create shelters and larger feeders. Enjoy your imagination, we encourage you to try them all!

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