Resting on Fuerteventura is also possible in summer
Resting on Fuerteventura is also possible in summer

Resting on Fuerteventura is also possible in summer

Fuerteventura is a unique place to disconnect from the daily routine and rest. Its black sandy beaches will take you to unique landscapes and its desert roads will make you think you are in the desert. This summer make your vacation a unique moment. Stay away from the waves of tourists and discover the most unknown corners of Fuerteventura.

Feel like the only inhabitant of a deserted island

If Fuerteventura stands out for one thing, it is for all the charms it possesses and that you can visit. The climate of the island majorera makes one of the visits required at any time of year, and more in summer, is the beach. Although the coast of Fuerteventura is 340 kilometres long, it is sometimes difficult to find a place where you can be completely alone and relax.

Roque del Moro is one of those places where we can feel like a deserted island. This monolith belongs to the Playa de Cofete, but is one of the least visited parts. To access it you have to walk along a dirt road that ends at the edge of the beach. It is a unique place full of geological formations. Therefore, those interested in this branch are those who drop by the Roque del Moro.

In the same Playa de Cofete we can take advantage and have a look at the curious cemetery. Despite being in a very busy area, few are curious who look out at the old cemetery of Cofete. It was created during the first years of the nineteenth century and there rest the remains of ancient inhabitants of Fuerteventura.

To spend a day of rest and tranquillity away from tourists, Playa de los Ojos is the ideal place. The Jandia Peninsula enjoys this small beach which is accessed by descending a mother’s ladder. In Playa de los Ojos the bath is not safe, so we recommend not to go into its waters. It is a fairly rocky area with strong waves. However, it offers a tranquility difficult to find in other parts of the island.

Surfing is one of the most practiced sports in Fuerteventura. Playa del Jarugo or Playa de la Mujer is one of those areas where you will be the owner of the waves. It possesses a strong swell and although the bath is not recommended in this beach either, it is perfect to surf the waves. In addition, due to the waves that impact on the rocks form wonderful waterfalls that will leave you with your mouth open. Although it is located in Puerto del Rosario, its access makes it a remote and solitary place where you won’t find any tourists.

Majorero in tourist area

The centre of Fuerteventura is one of the most touristic areas on the island. However, you can find secret corners that no tourist knows.

If you want to feel like a majorero more your place is Playa de Giniginámar. It is located in the municipality of Tuineje and away from the main roads of the municipality. The only bathers who descend every day to this large black sand beach are the residents of the municipality. In addition, it is a very special enclave since Giniginámar Bay is an area protected by the high biological interest that concentrates.

Pozo Negro is another of the beaches belonging to the central area in which you will be completely alone. During the fifteenth century was the most important port of Fuerteventura, but today is a population with low occupancy. The remaining inhabitants are mainly inshore fishermen. This black sand beach is perfect for spending a relaxing day and tasting the best gastronomy in one of the two restaurants in Pozo Negro.

In search of new adventures

Rest from the routine is not just lying on the sand of the beach and listening to the sound of the waves. Fuerteventura has much more to offer.

Do you know that in big cities it is impossible to see all the stars that inhabit the sky? Book a day in Fuerteventura to enjoy a unique experience. To do this you will have to get away from the most populated municipalities.

Verdeaurora Bio Farm is located in the middle of a unique enclave, far from the large population points and allows you to see the millions of bright stars, the Milky Way, shooting stars, and even the planets and satellites that surround them. Fuerteventura is a Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve.

To leave the island with the outstanding, nothing better than discovering the secrets of the star plant of Fuerteventura: the Aloe Vera. Get to know all the details of the organic cultivation of the plant, the tricks to extract the juice in the right way and the uses you can give it.

In addition, you will also be an expert in differentiating the different olive oils grown in Verdeaurora Bio Farm and you will be able to taste the typical dishes of the majorera gastronomy.


Now your holidays begin. Make this summer an unforgettable adventure in the most unknown corners of Fuerteventura.





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