Sustainable actions

We base our actions on the principles of ecology and sustainability, guaranteeing the development of a responsible agricultural project with the environment and with the community.

Oxygenation machine

We do not use industrial soaps or chemical components, we carry out an ecological cleaning with oxygenation machines.

Refined water

Our waters are purified and treated for subsequent reuse in the gardens of the farm, thus reducing unnecessary waste en la finca.

Sustainable materials

The roofs of Verdeaurora are made with palm leaves to reduce the environmental impact of conventional materials.

Through different actions we contribute our support to the sustainable development of both Verdeaurora Bio Farm and the environment that surrounds us.

Ecological certificate

The farm Verdeaurora Bio Farm has the ecological certificates thanks to our sustainable project of aloe vera and olive crops.


Application of the concepts and principles of ecology to the design, development and management of sustainable agricultural systems in our farm.

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