The apachetas of Fuerteventura
The apachetas of Fuerteventura

The apachetas of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura has some original and curious stacks of stones. These constructions are known as Apachetas or Apachitas, and are not the work of chance or tourists who leave the mark of their passage on the island. Apachetas have an old and interesting story behind that today we discover you.

The creation of mounds of stones arose with the appearance of man. From its beginnings, the inhabitants of the Earth have piled stones on top of each other to delimit territories or announce the presence of a sacred point. Its functions and objectives are very diverse and depends on the beliefs of each man, and what he would like to represent with the apachetas. However, in most cases they are areas of worship and gratitude for health, mother earth or protection.

Their sizes are also very diverse, since we can find large buildings of several meters in height or small apachetas erected by a couple of stones. The places where the apachetas are located are not casual, the men began to build them in those places that wanted to stand out for them, and for those who passed through that area.

Where are the apachetas of Fuerteventura located?

In any corner of the island we can find apachetas. Its construction was different from the rest of the communities, since the prehistoric men who lived in Fuerteventura delimited the area with large smooth and flat rocks that nailed to the ground and then fill the space that was left with small stones. These constructions could reach two meters high and half a meter in diameter.

In the Faro del Toston, in the village of El Cotillo, we can find numerous apachetas. These constructions at the foot of the sea want to remember the immigrants who lost their lives when they tried to reach the Majorera coast thousands of years ago.

When arriving at the lighthouse, the tourists are amazed by so many apachetas, and although the majority is limited to admire them and to contemplate them, there are many that finish destroying them or modifying the landscape. So when you visit Fuerteventura and find one of these constructions, do not remove or add stones to the mound, you can alter the vegetation and fauna that live in the area and use the apachetas to survive. In addition, many of them are hundreds of years old and maintaining the history and origins of Fuerteventura is everyone’s job.

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