The fauna of the Fuerteventura island
The fauna of the Fuerteventura island

The fauna of the Fuerteventura island

Fuerteventura is home to numerous species of animals characteristic of the island majorera. Animals of sea, land or air coexist between desert and arid landscapes, but also on the coasts of the island. A perfect place to live. Throughout the post you will discover a world unknown to many people who are not from the island.

Enter the fauna of Fuerteventura and get to know it from a different point of view.

Marine Fauna

Bathed on all four sides by water, the marine life is one of the most important in Fuerteventura. The low temperature of the water and the geographical location is home to a large number of different species.

Sargo, Bocinegro or Mero abound in the waters of Fuerteventura. While in the rocky beaches we will find burgados, lapas, majoreros mussels or moro crab, a species of crab habitual of the Atlantic zone.

Terrestrial fauna

The Majorera goat is perhaps the most outstanding mammal on the island and a symbol of Fuerteventura. Among the different species of goats, the Puipana or Pipana stands out. Their hair is blond, white or bay with brown spots. Its natural habitat is the desert and arid areas, so you can find them anywhere in Fuerteventura.

The moruna squirrel occupies almost all the land on the island. Their favourite places are the steep areas with nooks and crannies in which they can hide. They come from North Africa and are characterised by short hair and a populated tail. Four dark-brown stripes and two white stripes occupy the body of the animal.

The camel and the majorero donkey have also found their place in Fuerteventura. Formerly used for the loading and transport of materials, this fact has caused that today the number of species has decreased. For the conservation of donkeys the association SOO Grupo para la Conservación y Fomento del Burro Majorero (SOO Group for the Conservation and Promotion of the Majorero Donkey) was created.

Finally, we are talking about the Majorero Bardino Dog. A breed typical of Fuerteventura. These dogs are of great size for what formerly, their works were destined to the care of the cattle and to the guard of estates and chalets. In Fuerteventura there is the Asociación para la Conservación del Perro Majorero (Association for the Conservation of the Majorero Dog). The aim of this Association is to keep the Bardino Majorero breed pure, as well as to care for and promote its survival.


Many birds find in Fuerteventura a resting place during the migration season. However, the island majorera has a great diversity of birds of its own.

The most popular are the canarian houbara bustard, the canarian stonechat, Cory’s shearwater, corridors, common storks or the guirre, which was in danger of extinction. In any part of the island we can find different species. On the coast we will find some, while in the more desert landscapes we can find completely different birds, a spectacle not to be missed!

Verdeaurora Ornithological Reserve

In Verdeaurora Bio Farm we know the importance of animals in our world and therefore we want them to have the best possible life and if it is in our power to help them achieve it, we will. The farm has several hectares in which goats, sheep, donkeys or dogs coexist freely.

In 2016 we focus on the conservation of migratory birds and those that nest on Fuerteventura. We created the Ornithological Reserve where birds can feed on cereal crops, fruit trees, palms or hedges, where they can also nest. In addition, a 500 square metre wetland serves as a drinking trough for all those birds and animal species that visit us daily.

You can also experience this part of Fuerteventura almost unknown to sun and beach tourists. Verdeaurora becomes a spectacular enclave for birdwatching.


Discover first-hand how the birds of Fuerteventura reproduce, breed and live on the island majorera.





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