The importance of choosing sustainable brands
The importance of choosing sustainable brands

The importance of choosing sustainable brands

The planet needs you. More and more consumers are looking for natural products that are respectful of the environment and animals. Millennials is the generation that has more awareness about making changes in their lifestyle, and bringing it towards sustainability, says the GlobalWebIndex study. In addition, 52% of respondents argue that the responsibility lies with brands and companies.

The search for natural products grows among the new generations, who consume items from brands that defend social and environmental causes. Companies realize this, and value the creation and manufacture of ecological, natural and, in addition, environmentally friendly products. The price is now the least.

How to choose sustainable brands

There are many brands that add to this new lifestyle. However, it is not only worth donating money to certain associations or producing a natural and sustainable line. On some occasions, the ingredients or materials used are respectful, recycled or from organic crops, but nevertheless, the manufacturing method has not been adequate.

From Verdeaurora Bio Farm we want you to choose responsible brands with nature and with yourself. All the ingredients we use in the products come from organic farming that we grow with care and love on the farm. Aloe vera and extra virgin olive oil are the main products of a natural cosmetic that seeks the well-being and health of people.

The mode of cultivation, collection and elaboration of Verdeaurora products gives it the ecological certification CRAE (Regulatory Commission of Ecological Agriculture). In addition, the products you can find in aloeverio are not tested on animals. We invite you to be part of the family and come to visit us to get to know the farm in first person and how we grow the star products of our natural cosmetics: aloe vera and olive oil.


“We want to achieve natural solutions with organic products to improve the quality of life of both people and our environment.”


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