The Starlight Reserve of Fuerteventura protects our night sky
The Starlight Reserve of Fuerteventura protects our night sky

The Starlight Reserve of Fuerteventura protects our night sky

Canarias is one of the best places on the planet for observing the night sky due to its unbeatable environmental conditions. Its importance for astronomy has made the Canarian sky a protected patrimony of the islands, protected by the Law of Protection of Atmospheric Quality of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands.


On the island of Fuerteventura during the night you have the feeling of being closer to heaven. At dusk the sky is painted with starlight, to offer a visual spectacle that few places in the world have the privilege of sharing. From here you can see constellations of the northern hemisphere and in specific times some of the southern hemisphere, due to the proximity of the Tropic of Cancer. Being a windy island, the sky is usually clean and clear of cloud fronts that facilitate night observation, making it a unique place.


In the summer of 2015, Fuerteventura was declared Starlight Reserve, the third of the Canary Islands, after La Palma and the summits of Tenerife. This accreditation, which adds to its category of Biosphere Reserve, is a recognition of its defense of the sky and of the different cultural, landscape and natural values. It was the first certification of a Biosphere Reserve as a Starlight Reserve.


A Starlight Reserve is a space where a commitment is established for the defense of the quality of the night sky and access to the light of the stars. Its function is the preservation of its quality and the different associated values, whether cultural, scientific, astronomical, landscape or natural. These are also areas that, independently of the guarantees that they can already enjoy due to their condition, add this specific protection to the defense of heaven, their function being to value resources.


The environment of Verdeaurora has one of the clearest skies of Fuerteventura, in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve and Starlight Reserve. Being away from the main population centers, it allows you to enjoy the astronomical beauty of the sky or the fascinating night landscapes of the island all year round. We invite you to enjoy the beautiful majoreras nights staying in our rural houses and to know the stars, planets and constellations that surround us participating in our astrotourism activities.

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