The traditional majorera house and its architecture
The traditional majorera house and its architecture

The traditional majorera house and its architecture

The architecture of Fuerteventura is another element of the island to take into account and not lose sight of. To delve a little deeper into the culture and traditions of Fuerteventura, we show you the characteristics of the typical majoreras houses.

It is very humble houses but with a very special charm. Over the years the structure has been improved with better quality materials and more resistant. In the fifteenth century, the native majoreros with the help of Andalusians, Galicians, Portuguese and Flemish begin to structure the streets of the island and to build the houses in which they will live, turning them without knowing it, into one of the symbols of Fuerteventura.

In these years they were built with cheap and abundant materials on the island such as Canarian pine wood for the structure and walls, and mud or palm leaves for the roofs. Although the rains are scarce, the wind is strong, so they had to be renewed constantly.

Years later, the stone is incorporated to give strength and quality to the walls and make homes much more resistant. The façade is whitewashed, but leaves stones in sight. In addition, some of them were decorated with a strip of color.

To take advantage of and avoid the windy climate of Fuerteventura, the houses are oriented towards the south. The roofs of the houses were built with an inverse slope to the common roofs to take advantage of the rainwater, which was collected in the cistern that was located in the courtyard.

The traditional majoreras houses look for practicality and not aesthetics, for that reason they are houses of a single height and in the form of L or U, since in many occasions the stays of the house were increased depending on the needs of the family.

However, some of them incorporate decorative elements such as wood on the balconies, doors and windows.

With these descriptions that we give you in Verdeaurora Bio Farm, would you recognize the traditional majorera house? Put your knowledge into practice and do not hesitate to visit us to get to know many more curiosities and traditions of Fuerteventura.

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