Water reuse for irrigation
Water reuse for irrigation

Water reuse for irrigation

The use of water has tripled in the last 100 years. Agriculture is the sector with the greatest demand for water. 70% of the water that is extracted worldwide is used in the irrigation of crops. The environment begins to suffer. We must seek alternatives to waste and excessive use of natural resources that the Earth offers us.

Verdeaurora Bio Farm makes use of this resource in aloe vera crops and in olive trees, reusing water for irrigation.

How is irrigation done?

Applying the technology of water purification, allows to reuse it again and again in the irrigation of the lands of the farm. The treatment plant eliminates microorganisms, heavy metals or organic compounds that can alter the soil.

Reused water goes through controls and systems that ensure its quality. Once these revisions are passed, the water can be reused for irrigation. Spain is the first European country that has legislation to regulate the use of reusable waters.

The products that we sell and consume on the farm are covered under this legislation. They comply with health and environmental quality criteria. The use of reusable water does not imply modifications in the final product.

Why do we reuse water from crops?

Verdeaurora Bio Farm is committed to the sustainability of the environment. The reuse of water is a simple practice that improves the world in which we live. And we did not want to miss this opportunity.

Fuerteventura is one of the driest areas of the country so water is a precious commodity. The rains are scarce so the collection of rainwater is somewhat complicated. The amount needed to supply all crops on the farm is not obtained. What would be the solution? Reuse again and again the water that is used in agriculture.

Through this system the circular economy is fostered, in which the natural resources or any other product that we acquire in a trade can end up having an infinite life.


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