What is agroecology?
What is agroecology?

What is agroecology?

Agroecology is the science based on the use of alternative ecological practices promoting sustainability and respect for the environment.

The aim of agroecology is to ensure that the results respect nature without renouncing the food security that we have been so concerned about for some years now.

Agroecology goes beyond ecological agriculture: it incorporates social aspects such as fair modes of commercialisation, both for consumers and producers, but it also includes more ecological aspects such as the treatment of biodiversity.

So… Isn’t agroecology and organic farming the same thing?

Ecological agriculture (also called organic or biological) is the process of cultivation system for obtaining organic food in which natural resources are used for fertilization, prevention of pests and diseases of agricultural crops.

The result would be a correct use of renewable and local resources preserving the conservation of soil fertility, promoting biodiversity and making proper use of water in irrigation systems.

On the other hand, agroecology as a science is the goal, which means that achieving optimum productivity results and aligning them with such important aspects as sustainability and respect for the environment.

Organic farming practices, biodynamics or permaculture must follow the principles of agroecology in order to reinvent themselves and improve results, not only in terms of sustainability, but also by promoting crop productivity.

What is the future of agroecology?

Agroecology promotes such important initiatives as ending hunger in the poorest areas. Resources are limited but it is our responsibility to use existing resources responsibly.

Verdeaurora Bio Farm is aware of the global benefits of using sustainable crop techniques and we promote sustainability by reusing water from irrigation systems and nutrients.

Take a look at our post and find out how Verdeaurora Bio Farm is involved with this initiative.

Small details can make a difference in the future.

And you, do you join the cause?




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