Why change to solar energy?
Why change to solar energy?

Why change to solar energy?

Since 2000, developed countries have promoted the production of electricity through photovoltaic solar panels. At Verdeaurora Bio Farm we follow a lifestyle committed to the environment and sustainable activities, which is why since May 2018 we decided to change our conventional energy resources for a clean energy: solar energy.

Solar energy has many benefits. It is renewable, non-polluting and available throughout the planet, which makes it a much more convenient energy resource. In addition, the simplicity of these technologies is perfect for isolated points, rural or difficult to access.

At the Verdeaurora estate, we have been benefiting from a self-consumption system for five months, that is, during the day the energy produced by the plates is consumed and at night we use the conventional network.

We tell you the change!

Comparison of consumption (2017 – 2018)

During the year 2017 we continued with the conventional electricity network. During the months of June-July 2017, 2,315 kWh were used. In the same period of 2018, with the solar panels already in operation, this consumption has been reduced by 68% (756 kWh in total).


In the following months of August and September of 2018, where the consumption was 1,263 kWh, we observed that the consumption was reduced up to 70% compared to last year during the same period, where 4,231 kWh of energy from fossil fuels was consumed.


From Verdeaurora Bio Farm we encourage you to join renewable energies and benefit from the profitability that they entail, not only for yourselves, but also for the environment and even for local economies. An important measure from the environmental point of view, with which we provide great value for the fight against climate change. Get up!

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