World Radio Day: Verdeaurora in Cope Fuerteventura
World Radio Day: Verdeaurora in Cope Fuerteventura

World Radio Day: Verdeaurora in Cope Fuerteventura

A day like today 74 years ago was born Radio United Nations. Radio is the most widely used media worldwide and capable of reaching a greater number of people, as well as being a travel companion par excellence and indispensable. And this is why radio becomes a medium that favors human diversity and allows the listening of many voices.

To celebrate this special day, we recover this interview from Cope Fuerteventura where Luis Mesa Méndez, director and manager of Verdeaurora Bio Farm, talks about the trajectory of agrotourism in these five and a half years and the novelties in which we are working to implement them soon as possible.

In addition, the firm commitment to “try to share the essence of the Island”, as the CEO of Verdeaurora indicates, is evident in the interview. These initiatives are some of the keys to the success of this project, which is Verdeaurora Bio Farm, which received Last 2019 the Golden Beaches Award for the best track record.

Verde Aurora Bio Farm, una apuesta por los valores naturales de Fuerteventura

Verde Aurora Bio Farm, una apuesta por los valores naturales de FuerteventuraLa firme apuesta por poner en valor los recursos naturales de Fuerteventura “y tratar de transmitir la esencia de la Isla” son algunas de las claves del éxito de Verdeaurora Bio Farm que se hace merecedora este año del Premio Playas de Oro a la mejor trayectoria. Fiel a sus raíces y enamorado de su tierra, el gerente de la entidad, Luis Mesa, recogerá el galardón en la entrega de los Premios Distinguidos del Turismo que tendrá lugar el próximo 27 de septiembre en Corralejo.

Publiée par Cope Fuerteventura sur Mercredi 18 septembre 2019

Verdeaurora Bio Farm has an ecological philosophy and respect for nature, the environment and people. In addition, one of its objectives is to highlight and teach the world the ethnographic, cultural and cultural resources of Fuerteventura. Not only should beach and sun tourism, the most popular on the island, be highlighted, but also show the advantages of rural tourism, in which the deal with the client is more personal and close.

On the farm we have different services and activities, suitable for all tastes and ages. From staying in one of the typical rural houses, know all the uses and properties of aloe vera and olive oil to be in direct contact with the fauna and nature of Fuerteventura.

And, Verdeaurora Bio Farm is the place that gives the opportunity to feel nature at its best, to connect with oneself. With a pure and pollution-free environment, where tradition and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony.

In this little piece of Fuerteventura we take care of what matters most to us, our planet, and we share it with those we love most.

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