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Natural Cosmetics


En Verdeaurora we are committed to ecology and respect for the environment that surrounds us. With our products made with natural active ingredients we want to transmit this ecological awareness to everyone who knows us. Our main objective is the welfare and health of people.

Aloe vera: during the last years we have created a line of high quality and excellent quality organic products, which we make available to our customers to promote a healthier way of life. Soaps, gels, creams and essential oils created with a combination of natural components, carefully treated using traditional formulas using innovative methods.

  Extra virgin olive oil: an exquisite extra virgin olive oil made with olives from the Hojiblancas, Picual and Arbequina varieties, hand-picked and cold pressed through a careful process in our own certified olive mill, which guarantees a 100% ecological final product.

Rural accommodation


Rural House Pilar: located in our farm in the valley of Teniscosquey, has been built respecting the traditional architectural elements. It has two rooms with an extension (up to 5 pax.) And a private pool.

   Rural House Aurora: next to Pilar house with slightly smaller dimensions and facing north, has a room with extra (up to 3 pax.) and private pool.

   Tarabilla House: former home of the Mesa family, with maximum comfort, it has three bedrooms and three extra beds. It has a spacious lounge, solarium, patio with barbecue, sauna and heated indoor pool.

   Rural House Tile: located in the village of El Roque (La Oliva), next to the fishing village of El Cotillo. Traditional house majorera, with two double rooms around a central courtyard. It has a pool and barbecue.

   Appartments marineros: in front of the sea of the town of El Cotillo facing west from where you can enjoy splendid sunsets. Two sea-style apartments, each with two bedrooms and extra possibilities.


Verdeaurora gives name to an ecological experience that can live, feel and taste surrounded by nature,

pure air and life in a place full of light and good energy.

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