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Zumo aloe vera 99,7% puro

99.7% Pure Aloe vera juice (500 ml.)

Thanks to its high content in pure organic aloe vera is ideal to combat all the problems that affect the internal body: from digestive disorders to allergies. With only 20 ml fasting, the immune system is strengthened, cleaning and rejuvenating from the inside.
Gel 99% puro Aloe vera

99% Pure Aloe vera gel (250 ml.)

Perfect for a cellular regeneration of the skin due to burns, irritations and pitting. It is recommended to apply it on wet skin after the shower, waiting for the affected part to absorb it to begin with their recovery.

Anti-aging gel with Aloe vera & olive oil

Anti wrinkle gel with tensor effect, fast absorption and non-greasy texture. Ideal against the signs of aging and oxidation. Formulated with olive oil and aloe vera from organic production.
locion corporal

Body lotion with Aloe vera & olive oil

Soft cream for daily use with the active ingredients of aloe vera and olive oil BIO. Its moisturizing and soothing properties make it a perfect lotion for day-to-day skin care.
Confort gel

Comfort gel with Aloe vera & olive oil

Relieves pain instantly. Composed of plants of ecological culture like the mint and the camphor tree, that contribute a pleasant sensation of cold-heat. Along with aloe, arnica montana and rosemary, they allow to reach pain and act as a natural and anti-inflammatory anesthetic. Giving a pleasant sensation of softness and hydration that comes from extra virgin olive oil. Easy to apply thanks to its roll-on format.
Desodorante sin aluminio

Deodorant without aluminium with Aloe vera & olive oil

Product without aluminum, which is so harmful to health. It provides care and hygiene thanks to aloe vera and organic olive oil. A natural and ecological alternative.
Dream Care

Dream-care with Aloe vera & olive oil

Help yourself to better sleep and enjoy a good rest thanks to aromatherapy. Just put the Dream Care inside the pillow case or on the bedside table and relax with the smell of its natural herbs, such as lemon balm (melissa) and lavender.

Global cream with Aloe vera & olive oil

Facial cream with 3 in 1 formula: suitable as day cream, night cream and eye contour. Its composition of aloe vera, olive oil, hibiscus, wheat germ, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and argan oil makes it act from the inside of the skin. All of organic farming.
Crema de manos

Hand cream with Aloe vera & olive oil

All the properties of olive oil and aloe vera BIO in a specialized cream for hand care.

Lip Protection with Aloe vera & olive oil

Careful and juicy lips thanks to aloe vera and BIO olive oil that protects them both in cold and warm temperatures. Its compound with propolis and natural hyaluronic acid and shea butter bio makes the care of the lips last over time. Without paraffin.
Aceite 110 hierbas

Oil 110 natural herbs with Aloe vera & olive oil

Take a few drops in the nose to open the nostrils; breathe the hot water vapor with a few drops of oil, or in a steam dispenser. Warm up and gently massage the temples to soothe headaches. Natural and of daily use for the whole family.

Pack Cuídate

Pack Cuídate consists of three organic aloe vera and olive oil products, ideal for stimulating the skin and obtaining a firm, exfoliated and moisturized skin.
Shampoo Verdeaurora with Aloe vera & olive oil

Shampoo with Aloe vera & olive oil

Verdeaurora shampoo is made with organic aloe vera and olive oil. Nourishes hair, providing shine and softness thanks to its composition of natural assets. Ideal for any hair type.
  • 200ml.
Pack termal

Thermal Pack

The Thermal Pack is composed of three high quality ecological products that moisturize the skin and produce an anti-aging effect with refinement thanks to their properties that manage to recover the elasticity and firmness of the skin. These three products refresh, moisturize and relax providing you with well-being in your body.

Wellness Pack

The Wellness Pack consists of three natural organic products that benefit the body's health thanks to their natural properties.