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  1. Choose the products you want to buy. Add them to the cart.
  2. When you have your chosen products and added them to the cart, click on “Shopping cart”.
  3. Access and a column will open with all your products. Go down and click on “Chekout”.

Payment and shipping

  1. You will now find yourself on the payment and shipping page. If you are already registered, just enter your username and password. If not, create a new account.
  2. Fill in your billing information.
  3. Fill in the shipping address data.
  4. Review your order: chosen products / discount coupon applied if any.
  5. Choose the preferred payment method.
  6. If you have a discount coupon, enter it in under the payment section.

* If you choose bank transfer, remember that your order will not be sent until we receive the payment in our bank account. You have 8 working days to make the payment from the moment of purchase.

  1. To continue, accept our Terms and Conditions and click on “Place the order”

You already have your order finished! You will receive an email with the information of your order to the email with which you are registered.

Our products are certified organic.
They are made with organic aloe vera and olive oil from our farm in Fuerteventura.
Over the years, at Verdeaurora we have perfected this combination to create products of the highest quality to take care of you and your loved ones.
We want to ensure the quality of our products, as well as their continuity over time. That is why our prices must be appropriate and our discounts are limited.

Discount coupon

Receive an immediate discount when you buy now.

  • Coupon: bio-discount-10

Enter the coupon code at checkout (payment page).
Discount valid for your first purchase at

Receive your order in 7 days.
The total time from placing your order until you receive it is approximately 7 days.

The shipping costs will be calculated on the shopping cart page.

Free shipping
Free shipping on orders over 150€.
If the destination of the order is Fuerteventura, shipping is free of charge for orders over 80€.

Make your purchase on-line and we will deliver it to your accommodation in Fuerteventura

If you live in Fuerteventura, you are staying in an apartment or hotel and you don’t have any way to come to Verdeaurora Bio Farm, don’t worry! Now you can place your order on-line and receive it in 24 to 72 h (Sundays not included) at your home in Fuerteventura.

How to do it?

  1. Create a purchase on and select ‘end purchase’ in the cart.
  2. Enter the address of Fuerteventura in which you are staying.
    –  Country: Spain
    – Province: Las Palmas
    – Codes Code: *in which you are staying *
    * Important: you must enter the postal code number of the address. You can search it on Google Maps by entering the address of the accommodation. This number consists of 5 figures.
  3.  When you have entered all the information, you will be charged € 5 shipping costs in your order.
    * No matter where you are staying, any shipment in Fuerteventura costs 5 €
    * Remember that in order to deliver the order between 24 to 72 h (Sundays not included) you will have to pay the amount with PayPal or credit card.
  4. There is no minimum order. If your order exceeds 80€, the shipping will be free.
  5. Delivery conditions: since the purchase of your order is received, it will be delivered to your address within a period of 24 to 72 hours (Sundays not included). Remember that in order to deliver the order at these times you will have to pay the amount with PayPal or credit card.
    *If you pay for your order via bank transfer, it will not be sent until we receive the amount in our bank account.

If you have the opportunity to visit us, do it! We wait for you at Verdeaurora Bio Farm

Our site calculates taxes according to your country (the country of destination of the order).
These charges are paid at the time of purchase in order to comply with customs obligations and to ensure that your order is delivered correctly.

If, having paid the taxes at the time of purchase, customs reclaims the taxes again at destination, please contact us, sending us the receipt of the amount paid to customs.

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