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How can I alleviate gastric reflux with aloe vera juice?

Reflujo gástrico y aloe vera

Do you feel a burning sensation upon finish eating? You most likely suffer from gastric reflux. There are many people who go to the doctor in search of the definitive solution to put an end to these annoying symptoms. The recurrent intake of medications damages the stomach, causing us to resort to taking other medicines to alleviate this new side-effect.

If you have gastric reflux and are looking for a natural remedy to put an end to it, we have the solution at Verdeaurora Bio Farm.

You will only need one of our star ingredients, an aloe vera leaf or our bottled organic aloe vera juice that you can find in our shop.

You can drink it directly or prepare it with other fruit juices that will also increase the properties and benefits of aloe vera.

Aloe vera, water and honey

For this first beverage you will need:

  • Four tablespoons of aloe vera
  • A glass of water
  • One tablespoon of honey

If you choose to use an aloe vera leaf, you must first extract its juice. Be careful when peeling it since you should only keep the pulp of the plant. If you don’t do this part correctly, it can levae you with stomach aches.

Once you have the juice or pulp, put it in a blender and add the glass of water and the tablespoon of honey, beating the mixture until there is a liquid texture. Before each meal, drink a small glass, since it is not good to overuse aloe vera due to its laxative effects.

Strawberry juice and aloe vera

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and contain potassium, magnesium and fiber, among other properties. They help to eliminate fluid retention, are purifying and antioxidant and reduce cholesterol. All these benefits will be greater if we add aloe vera juice to our strawberry juice.


Clean the strawberries and cut them into small pieces. Put them in a blender and add a splash of aloe vera juice or three tablespoons of freshly extracted aloe vera juice from the pulp. Mix until everything is combined. If the juice is too thick you can add a glass of water to make it easier to drink.

Prepare a glass with ice, pour the mixture over the ice and it will be ready to drink.

Apple juice and aloe vera

Another fruit that goes perfectly with aloe vera is the apple. It helps constipation and diarrhea, reduces bad cholesterol, eliminates toxins and contains vitamins C and E. These are just some of the thousands of benefits that apples provide to our bodies. If we also add a little aloe vera juice, our body will be as healthy as an apple (a common Spanish saying similar to “fit as a fiddle”) for much longer.


Wash, cut and core the apple. Place in the blender and add a splash of aloe vera juice or three tablespoons of aloe pulp if you decide to extract it from the leaf. Blend it until everything is mixed without lumps. Like the previous juice, if it gets thick, you can add a glass of water.

Pour the mixture into a glass with ice and drink away!

Remember to drink one of these beverages 20 minutes before each meal. This way it will help you reduce gastric reflux. Additionally, you should be careful with the intake of aloe vera as it can have side effects that can cause stomach pain or act as a laxative.

Keep in mind that these juices are not medications and although they help us feel better, they may not alleviate reflux. If you try any of these recipes and continue to feel aches and pains, don’t hesitate to see your doctor.