Olive oil and aloe vera in natural cosmetics: applications and benefits


More and more we worry about our diet, about what we eat is natural or not and above all about the environment. So it is contradictory to use chemical products for our health and beauty as they can be commercial creams, since in this way we are not favoring the care of the environment.

Aloe vera and olive oil are two natural products that provide great benefits for our skin and our body.

Organic extra virgin olive oil is a product that, in addition to being used in gastronomy, also has multiple properties for health:


One of the primary benefits of olive oil in natural cosmetics is the hydration that it offers to the skin, protecting it from dryness with high hydration and preventing the signs of premature aging.

Its hydration also serves for dry hair and for dryness of both hands and feet thus strengthening the skin of the body.

Disease prevention:

Regarding health, extra virgin olive oil is composed of oleic acid and monounsaturated fats that helps prevent and reduce diseases in the coronary arteries by reducing cholesterol levels, thus acting as an antioxidant oil. In addition, olive oil also has anti-inflammatory action that helps reduce muscle and joint pain.

Regeneration of the skin and rejuvenation

Aloe vera is a natural organic crop, whose gel extracted from the plant’s stalk, favors the skin and the care of our body.

Aloe era, in natural cosmetics, is the star crop for the regeneration of the skin, rejuvenating the cells and facilitating a smooth appearance in the part of the body where it is applied, thus reducing possible wrinkles.

Digestion and cleansing of the organism

With regard to health, aloe vera benefits in the digestion and cleansing of the organism, being able to apply it externally or internally, for example drunk in a natural juice.

So, if we add all the properties of aloe vera and olive oil in one, we find a product composed of a large percentage of natural content without addictive and without chemicals, which allows us to properly care for our skin and of our organism.