Learn how to plant your aloe and make your own gel;

Plant your Aloe

Live an authentic local experience first hand, enjoying different interactive activities;

Family history of the farm (3 generations since my grandfather Antonio decided to buy it to plant tomatoes more than 50 years ago), the environment in which we are (which allows us to explain the volcanic origin of the island as well as the Special Protection Area for Birds and we can see endemic species of the island during the visit) and of course the commitment to Nature, being the farm 100% organic and Bio-certified;

Visit to the aloe plantation

Explanation of the plant, its cultivation and harvesting; We will teach you how to cut the leaves for further work;

Decorate your pot

In the work area we will have different pots and materials ready to decorate them, we will choose our pot and decorate it;

Visit to the aloe vera garden and workshop;

Taking advantage of the fact that our pot is drying out, we will take a walk around our garden and we will do a workshop in which we will learn all about aloe vera, its properties, how to work it and make our own gel or cream at home, etc.

Planting Aloe vera

Now that our pot is dry, we will plant our own Aloe; We will have at our disposal the plants (to adopt one) and the different types of substrate to prepare the right mixture for our Aloe; All this with the help of our guide who will show us the steps for our plant to grow healthy and strong;

Free time;

You can have a drink in our cafeteria, visit the shop, say hello to the donkey, etc…