Ten Reasons to Visit the Island of Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura is a paradise which is still unknown to many people. The warm weather that is always maintained inFuerteventura makes the island an ideal destination to visit any time of year. This is just one of the hundreds of reasons that exist for this Majorera island to be your next getaway destination. But today, we’ll give you 10 reasons why you absolutely have to visit Fuerteventura.

  • More than 150 kilómetros of beaches

What attracts the most attention and brings hundreds of thousands of tourists to Fuerteventura every year are its beaches. The island has 150 kilómetros of coastline,with something for everyone. White sand or black sand beaches, turquoise water, small hidden coves and kilometers-long beaches where you can walk all day long. If you come to Fuerteventura, don’t leave without discovering all its beaches.

  • The Sports Island

If you want to enjoy water sports, you have to come visit Fuerteventura. The waves of the sea and the wind that blows across the island provide more than enough reasons for Fuerteventura to be one of the favorite places for water sports lovers. Surf, Windsurf or Kitesurf annually attract hundreds of professionals due to the International Windsurf and Kitesurf Championships that are held on the island.

However, diving, kayaking or sailing will also keep you in contact with the water andenjoy the spectactular seabed and reefs.

Fuerteventura’s reasonably small size makes it perfect for cycling. It has numerous cycling routes that will take you from one point to another across the island.

  • Make a stop at Isla de Lobos

Just 4 kilometers from the island of Fuerteventura is a small islet paradise, Isla de Lobos. Time stands still and tranquility reigns when you set foot on this little island. Enjoy its beaches, immerse yourself in its nature through marked paths that will take you into the untouched depths of Isla de Lobos to discover all its secrets. The getaway to this Eden is a must.

  • Live different experiences

Your visit to Fuerteventura needs to be different from that of others. At Verdeaurora Bio Farm we know how to do it. Visit the estate to get to know all the details of the island. With the Bio Farm Experiences you can discover all the details of the culture, gastronomy, nature and heritage of Fuerteventura. Learn how to grow Aloe vera and make your own pure Aloe gel. In addition, you will delight in Majorera cuisine in an incomparable place surrounded by nature and in the best company.

  • Fuerteventura, Biosphere Reserve

In 2009, UNESCO declared the island of Fuerteventura a Biosphere Reserve. The spectacular habitats, fauna and flora of the oldest of the Canary Islands have given added this award along with its being declared a Starlight Reserve. Fuerteventura has several points where you can enjoy the star-filled skies every night. Verdeaurora Bio Farm is one of those places. Its priveleged location allows you to enjoy shooting stars, the Milky Way, various planets and their sattelites or mythological constellations like a true astronomy professional.

  • Get to know the culture of the island

Fuerteventura is much more than just beaches. Its extensive plains and desert landscapes hide hundreds of places with untold years of history pertaining to the Majorera culture. In the Archaelogical Museum of Betancuria you will discover the life of the first settlers of the island. In the municipality of Antigua you can see centuries-old grain mills. The Casa de los Coroneles in La Oliva or the Our Lady of Candelaria Church, are some of the places that you cannot miss.

However, the culture and history of Fuerteventura is also known through its landscapes. The volcanoes, mountains or arid plains also form part of the history of the Majorera island.

  • Relax in a traditional Majorero accommodation

After a long day visiting the island, there’s nothing better than resting in the typical rural home accommodations in Fuerteventura. Feel like a fellow islander by staying in typical Majorera houses. Casa Aurora and Casa Pilar are prime examples. A traditional design, with the best comforts so you don’t miss anything and a perfect location so you don’t miss out on anything in Fuerteventura.

  • Enjoy Majorera cuisine

Gastronomic tourism is one of the most popular. If you are one of those who likes to eat well when traveling, Fuerteventura is your place. Wrinkled potatoes with mojo, gofio, fresh-caught fish and goat cheese are some of the dishes that you must enjoy to get to know the Majorera gastronomy.

  • End the day with a sunset made for movies

Ending the day watching the sunset is a pleasure that one rarely gets to enjoy. Regardless of where you are in Fuerteventura you will witness a spectacular sunset that will be unforgettable. That said, we highly recommend that you include on your trip, time to enjoy a sunset at the Caves of Ajuy.

  • Relax and connect with nature

Peace and tranquility define Fuerteventura living. When you set foot on the island, time stops and the only thing left to do is enjoy it and let yourself go. Nature stands out above all else and it is difficult not to stop to look at the dramatic landscapes that the island offers.

Your trip to Fuerteventura will help you discover a place you never imaginedand connect with yourself. This Majorera island and its people will ensure that you will be surrounded by their good energies.


If you come to Fuerteventura, you’re sure to come back!