Aloe Vera

Aloe vera mask for curly hair

Mascarilla Aloe vera pelo rizado

In recent years, Aloe Vera has been growing in popularity, known for its healing and regenerative properties of the skin. Now it is also competing for the first place as the best natural hair care active. Keep on reading to learn all the benefits from using Aleo vera gel and how to create your own hairmask for curly hair with Aloe vera and coconut oil.

Why use Aloe vera to care for your curls?

1) Helps hydrate dry & curly hair

2) Perfect to combat frizz

3) Promotes healthy hair growth

There is nothing worse than having a good curly hair routine and ending out with frizz hair anyhow. Aloe Vera juice coats the hair with minerals and vitamins that close the hair cuticles and leave the hair fibers hydrated.

Keep in mind that frizzy hair is caused by continuous friction between dry hair fibers. Aloe Vera conditions and softens the cuticles, thanks to the fortifying amino acids, vitamin E and the salicylic acid it contains. Thus, the movement of your hair with each other does not generate frizz.

Aloe vera is known for its healing and regenerative properties against burns and skin problems. Therefore, its use to heal the scalp and eliminate accumulation problems is highly recommended!

When used daily, less dryness of the scalp is observed, fewer split ends and prevents the breakdown of the driest parts of your hair.

Aloe vera juice has the same pH as our scalp, making it slightly alkaline and a powerful fighter against dandruff and fat accumulation. It also helps to regenerate the skin of the scalp and to eliminate in a non-aggressive way the dirt and the remains of hair products in the area.

It will also help you get rid of dead cells, thus promoting hair growth and strength.


How to use Aloe vera to care for your curls?

  • Drink pure Aloe vera juice to take advantage of its benefits from within
  • Use a shampoo with Aloe vera as main ctive ingredient
  • Create your own Aloe vera curl mask

These are some of the options that you can choose to incorporate the benefits and properties of Aloe vera into your hair routine. However, each hair is a different, and for this reason we recommend that you create your own homemade mask with Aloe vera, personalized and made just for you.

Let´s go for it!


Ingredients needed for a curl mask with Aloe vera

  • 2 tablespoons of cold pressed organic coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of unrefined organic shea butter
  • 500 ml of pure Aloe vera gel

Coconut oil reduces the loss of protein in our hair, one of the reasons why on many occasions you can notice that your curls have lost volume. The lauric acid contained in this oil will help us enhance our curls.

Shea butter is deeply hydrating. And if you have curly hair, surely you already know it: hydration is the key to spectacular curls, since naturally this type of hair is drier. Have you ever wondered why? The curls spirals make it difficult for natural oils produced by our scalp to be covered by all the hair.

The mixture of the three natural assets will become the perfect natural solution to achieve the curls you deserve.


How to create your Aloe vera mask, step by step

To get your mask, you just have to mix the gel, the coconut oil and the butter until you get a homogeneous mixture. The result will be a very liquid one. Therefore, apply with a brush to your dry hair until it is completely covered, from roots to ends, with the mixture.

To determine the amount of hydration you need you must take into account the diameter and abundance of your curls. Based on this, you can decrease or increase the amount of shea butter in this recipe.

Remember that Aleo vera gel, being pure, will oxidize quickly if you do not use it. For this reason we recommend that you store it in the fridge and that, when creating your mask, use the amount of gel that you are going to use that week.

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