What are sustainable products?

In recent years the word sustainability has begun to be on everyone’s lips. The products and shops are filled with this word that has gained popularity little by little. But what is a sustainable product? Is it something positive or a simple fashion?

A sustainable product is one that has been developed respecting the environment and the people who are part of the production chain. From the collection of raw materials, the processing to the transportation of the articles.

Sustainability is linked to ecology. So that a crop does not harm the environment, it must be treated naturally, without adding chemicals or fertilizers. However, and although it may seem, a sustainable product does not only refer to food or cosmetics and beauty products. Sustainability can be part of any commercial field. More and more fashion brands, furniture or restaurants incorporate this new way of life to their businesses.

Sustainability characteristics

For a product to be considered sustainable, it must meet the following characteristics:

– Lifecycle. Sustainability makes products whose life is complete and with zero impact on the environment. Everything in them is respectful. From the collection of the raw materials, the treaty of the same, the manufacture of the article, its distribution, the use until the elimination of the product.

– Duality. Sustainable products have a dual focus, that is, they have in mind the human factor and the environment factor. A good will be sustainable when it is responsible for the working conditions and human rights of the people who manufacture it and also respect the place where it extracts and creates the products.

– Positive contributionSustainable production has a global impact. It promotes fair trade. They help the communities and societies that manufacture them, offering them socio-economic growth and improving their quality of life. Sustainability is about a work with positive objectives all over the planet.

– Satisfaction of needs. The purpose of any product is to meet the needs of people. In the market there are many articles that meet the same objectives. However, sustainable products not only satisfy the needs of those who buy them, but also indirectly satisfy the people who have made that product possible and the environment.

– Competitiveness. For this reason, there is great competition between brands. The one that has something new or different to offer is the one that draws attention and that is why sustainable products are gaining ground in the market and among consumers.

Including sustainability in your life is not a passing fad, but a way of life that has more and more followers. Incorporating sustainable products is positive for the environment and communities that are at risk. At Verdeaurora Bio Farm we strive for sustainability and therefore all our products, besides being organic, are sustainable and 100% natural.

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