Biocosmetics: what it is and what are its characteristics

Biocosmetica aloe vera

Natural products provide benefits and properties to our skin. Natural cosmetics or biocosmetics is the perfect choice to care for body, hair and face, since we only use 100% vegetable and organic ingredients. Discover with us what is biocosmetics and what are their characteristics.

What is biocosmetics?

Biocosmetics are those products for skin care made from natural ingredients and plant origin. In addition, these come from organic and biological crops.

Ecological cosmetics is not only respectful to our skin, but also fairly treats nature and animals, since they do not practice testing them.

What are the characteristics of biocosmetics?

For a cosmetic product to be considered BIO it has to fulfill a series of characteristics:

– 99% of its ingredients have to be of plant origin and organic.

– When using organic crops, they do not contain pesticides or chemicals.

– All its ingredients are natural, so preservatives, dyes, silicones and other artificial and synthetic substances are not part of biocosmetics.

– It is not tested on animals.

– The containers are recycled or recyclable.

– The impact of biocosmetics production on the environment is minimal, as well as other processes such as transport and storage.

– Biocosmetics must have Ecocert, Cosmébio, USDA or BDIH certifications.

biocosmetic and what are its characteristics.

Is biocosmetics effective?

In recent years organic products and BIO have become popular and now more people are looking for these labels on the items they buy, both food and cosmetic. But do they really work or is it a fad?

The biocosmetic contains natural ingredients so that allergies and other dermatological problems are avoided. The effectiveness of ecological cosmetics depends on its composition and the substances it includes. However, essential oils have numerous active ingredients that act more efficiently on the skin than other chemical elements.

At Verdeaurora Bio Farm, all our products are ecological, natural and respect the environment. Aloe vera and extra virgin olive oil are two of our star ingredients that favor any type of skin. Come visit us and try our bio cosmetics. We are waiting for you in Fuerteventura!