Sustainable actions

Choose brands that are free from animal testing


Until recently, many brands continued to test their products on animals to verify that the components are beneficial to people’s health.

Why was this happening?

Animal testing has been around for years and in some countries their governments continue to allow it. The objective has always been focused on guaranteeing the safety and health of people and then allowing the marketing of cosmetic or pharmacological products.

It has taken time, effort, a multitude of awareness actions and the intervention of governments to change such an atrocious method. Faced with a society in constant change and increasingly humanized, the current of thought has changed and the law, as well. For this reason, the brands that support this cause have put the brakes on the situation by ceasing to test on animals before marketing their products.

Let’s be fully aware: these animals are the most affected

  • Throughout history, rabbits, rats and mice are the living beings that have been used the most in testing. Most of them spend all their lives testing cosmetics.
  • Dogs and cats have been used in medical research and neurological studies.
  • Primates such as macaques, monkeys, baboons and chimpanzees have been used in many experiments related to toxicology and diseases such as AIDS or hepatitis.

Working towards a less cruel world

Today, there is no longer anything that justifies such cruel acts to ensure quality and health for people. On a worldwide level, more than seven thousand safe ingredients exist to determine the composition of the products we consume or use.

Technology is the best alternative method to animal testing. It has managed to replace practices of animal cruelty, providing information on natural products with great accuracy and detailing the beneficial properties for the human body.

At Verdeaurora Bio Farm, in addition to respecting the environment and our surroundings in Fuerteventura, we are increasingly aware of the good we can bring to living beings. Anyone who comes to the organic agriculture farm of olive trees, Aloe vera and permaculture will be able to see a magnificent wetland to facilitate the rest of the animals and the migratory path.

Furthermore, our brand of natural cosmetics made from the organic farm itself has developed its organic and vegan products on these solid values.

Our natural health and beauty products are not tested on animals and adhere to the CRAE ecological certification.

Do you want to know how to contribute to the cause?

Before buying a product, make sure you buy a product with official certification and that the brand is really commited to the environment and its surroundings. Knowing the philosophy of the company, the trajectory carried out and the ingredients that make up the products are requirements that must be taken into account when choosing a final product.


Taking care of ourselves and the world around us is essential for social progress. SAY NO TO ANIMAL TESTING.